August 26, 2009

Catching up with Denzel McCoy

One of the biggest stars of the 2010 recruiting class for the Georgia Tech football team is Northview defensive tackle Denzel McCoy. McCoy is the ambassador of Jacket football to all the 2010 recruits and Jacketsonline caught up with McCoy to find out his thoughts on the recruiting class and what McCoy expects to do this year at Northview.

What are your thoughts on Georgia Tech's recruiting class so far?

"It is going great so far and we have picked up some good kids. We are still adding on two or three more key additions. We have a great class right now and probably one of the greatest classes in the last decade. I hope that we get things going and rival the Morgan Burnett/Jonathan Dwyer class. Hopefully we can turn out like they did."

What kind of players do you think Georgia Tech will get with the final spots in the 2010 class?

"I have been talking with guys like Ryan White, Kony Ealy and Kareem Martin. I think all three of those guys are really interested in Tech. I am the closest with Kareem and he wants his dad to see places with him before he decides. Those three guys are the three I think we have a great shot at getting right now."

How has it worked being the ambassador for the 2010 class and building relationships with the other prospects?

"It is a great feeling and I just want to have the best class we can, so we can win as many games as we possible can. I told Coach Johnson I would do anything I could to help bring in a great class. I am doing that for the team, so we are good for the next four to five years."

What have you been working on to get better for the upcoming season?

"Mainly my pad level and quickness off the ball. I got my 40 time down and my 20-yard shuttle time down. I have been doing a lot of that and eating. I eat six meals a day. My trainer has me doing that and I have been working out to get my hip stronger and my power squat up."

How big are you?

"I am six-foot-four and 268 pounds."

What are you expectations once you get to Georgia Tech?

"I want to do everything I can to play and learn everything I can so I can make an impact on the team somehow even if it is on special teams. I am going to bust my butt in the weight room and hopefully with better conditioning something great will come out of it. I was talking with Izaan Cross who is there now, he is one of the freshmen defensive linemen with a great shot of playing this year, and he told me everything he did. I am just trying to do that, but do it even better. I want to get on the field my freshman year. If I don't I am fine too because I know I will take advantage of that extra time."

What are your thoughts on the Northview team this year?

"I think we are going to be great. We scrimmaged Milton last Friday and people who watched in the stand called me after the game and told me they saw a tremendous difference defensively and offensively in us. I think we will have a great year this year. I think if we put our minds to it, we can be a playoff contender. We are going to continue going down that path and get ready for Centennial this week. We are going to try and go 1-0 every week to show teams we are not the team we used to be."

What type of player is your quarterback Kane Whitehurst?

"Kane is a great player and one of my best friends. We hang out a lot and he is a leader on and off the field. He is a great athlete and he broke two or three great runs for touchdowns during the scrimmage. His work ethic is tremendous. He is a great kid. We both work really hard and he is my main workout guy."

Do you think Kane is the type of player that should be on Georgia Tech's radar for 2011?

"Definitely, I think Kane will grow another inch or inch and a half. He is at around 180 to 185 pounds right now, so he will continue to grow. I think he will be great walk-on or scholarship addition to Georgia Tech."

What type of season do you think the Jackets will have this year?

"I think we are in a BCS type season this year. People doubt certain areas of the team with Jaybo Shaw getting hurt, but I think somebody is going to step up. I hope that Josh Nesbitt can get through the whole season injury-free. I think we will be great and someone like Tevin Washington will be ready to step up. Jordan Luallen could step up and take that role on. It is a big role, but it is also a great opportunity for someone. I think the defensive line will be just fine and I think we will be fine in all the areas people wonder about. I think we will make the Orange Bowl or a similar bowl this year. I think Jonathan Dwyer or Tim Tebow will win the Heisman Trophy."

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