September 17, 2009

Roundtable: Previewing FSU-BYU

This week's roundtable consists of Gene Williams and Corey Dowlar from and Ira Schoffel and Paul Thomas of the Osceola.

A lot of fans and some media point to last weekend's Jacksonville State game as an indication of how good FSU really is. How much stock do you put into that game?

Corey: I don't think I have ever put less stock into a game than I have with that one. The hangover after a Labor Day has been a well documented thing and proved itself to be true again. But then add on to the fact that there was a torrential downpour and virtually no motivation. You can't forget about BYU either. Some players, prior to the JSU game, began to speak about BYU so there was definitely some looking ahead going on. The bottom line is that Florida State won. The close nature of the game might actually help because you would have to figure the coaches have everyone's attention this week.

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