September 21, 2009

Hill back from first visit

Among the group of recruits that were on hand to see the Ducks defense handle Utah and end their winning streak in the process was Ventura, California (St. Bonaventure) cornerback Troy Hill. After another Bonnie victory on Friday night, Hill traveled to Eugene just in time to get some rest for a busy Saturday. DSA caught up with Troy as he returned home and got the latest from the 3-star cornerback. Here is what he had to say about his visit and what comes next.

"Man, I had a great time. I love it up there. The town is real nice and relaxing. I had heard about the support up there but seeing it in person, especially on a game day, was amazing." Although Hill was only able to spend about 36 hours in Eugene, he was able to see enough to be able to determine how he felt about the town, the school and the football program itself.

"We had breakfast on Saturday morning and I got to sit with Walter Thurmond and the other defensive backs as they went through their final preparations for Utah. They do some of the same type of stuff that we do at St. Bonnie, so it was cool to see that. They obviously prepared really well because they came out and played a great game against a good team." Did anything in particular stand out to Hill on his visit?

"Yes sir, the entire weekend. I had a great time all weekend. The players are real cool and so are the coaches. It really is like one big family how they all have each other's backs and play for each other. It's the kind of town where you aren't really going to be distracted so you get to be around your team and your coaches all the time. I really like the way the town supports the team and rallies around the program. People were coming up shaking our hands and welcoming us to Eugene. It was really a great time. I just love it up there."

The only "bad" part of the trip was the rain, but Hill said that wasn't much of a factor as his top two schools, Oregon and Washington both have to deal with that a lot. "It was crazy how supportive the fans were even though it was raining most of the day. They are out there going crazy and they get louder than you can ever imagine, no matter what the weather is like."

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