September 23, 2009

Claytor working towards starting

With starting left tackle Brad Sellers battling an injury, former starter Nick Claytor is getting another shot at working with the first unit. Claytor who has battled injury since arriving at Georgia Tech is looking forward to showing the coaches what he can do as an everyday player.

"I should get a shot at starting this week it just depends on what the coaches' think," he said. "I am working hard every day, watching film from last year and this year. I cannot let what happened in the spring hold me back. I need to get back to a high level of football."

After sitting on the bench behind Sellers for the first three games, Claytor sees this as his shot at earning back his starting spot.

"This is my chance to show them what I can do," he said. "I am definitely going to show them I am back and I am not taking this chance lightly."

Claytor and guard Omoregie Uzzi received significant playing time in the Miami game after not seeing any offensive snaps against Clemson.

"It was cool getting back on the field," Claytor said. "It felt good to get back out there and play at a high level, but it was tough because of the game."

The offensive struggles at times during the Miami and Clemson games were largely the result of broken plays and poor blocking execution. Claytor says the solution is a simple one.

"We have to move people and execute," he said. "The offensive line has to move people out of the way to create gaps and creases and we have to get people to the ground."

"If you ask Coach Johnson he will tell you straight up we just did not execute and that is what he told us and he is not having it," Claytor said. "We are getting better."

"Miami is water under the bridge now. Seeing the aftermath of the loss and watching the film. I think people were saying they are back and we were never good," Claytor said. "When you watch the film you see if we pick up this one guy or if we don't jump offside or block in the back, it is a game. If we do the little things like coach Johnson says, it is a different game."

The Tar Heels linebacker corps is an area of concern for the offensive line this week especially the tackles.

"Their backers are really good. Their defensive line is good too, but their backers are good at getting out and getting to the ball," Claytor said. "They don't fall for any kind of tricks or counters. They know where the ball is going and they are getting there. That is one thing we have to look at. They don't come soft, they hit you and the defensive line is good at standing up, seeing what is going on and not getting cut or chopped off the ball, so we will have to come with it this week."

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