October 7, 2009

Prince meets the press

Last night after practice, UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince held court after he participated in team drills for the first time since Tennessee. Though he had a little rust, which is too be expected, he looked pretty good and had zip on the ball. Since this get together, Prince has received his clearance to play against Oregon this Saturday.

Do you think you need more reps to kind of get back feeling like you used to?

Prince: "Yeah, it's not going to be perfect on the first day out after three weeks. I'm anxious to get going, but I'm not freaking out that things didn't go exactly the way I wanted them, but I will get the touch back by Saturday if I get to play, it will be fine. It's good that we have two more practices this to be able to iron that out."

How does it feel?

Prince: "It feels good. It gets better every day. They had it (mouth) shut for three weeks and when they take everything out, it's kind of sore because you haven't used it and haven't chewed. So everything is a little sensitive and a little sore, but it is getting better."

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