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Chase Goggans talks about his decision

Interview with Chase Goggans:
Q: Chase, I understand that you have decided not to come back for your final year.
Chase Goggans: Yes, I saw down with Coach Lilly and informed him that I would not be returning for my final year.
Q: Why have you decided not to return?
Chase Goggans: Coach Bowden has always honored the full length of scholarships, but I have decided for many reasons to not come back for my final year.
1. I should be graduating early and finishing my degree in December.
2. I am not being a productive member of this football team.
This will give FSU the opportunity to scholarship another player that can contribute to the success of the program and otherwise may not have the opportunity to go to college.
Q: Any thoughts about your four years in Tallahassee?
Chase Goggans: I am very disappointed and will always have to deal with the fact that I never was able to be the number one kicker. This is not how I envisioned my career at FSU. I had a very successful High School career and expected to do the same at the college level. I came in and had a difficult transition to kicking off the ground. By the time that I had made the adjustment the Coaches had decided to go in a different direction. It is no ones fault but my own.
Q: I understand that you are already successful in the business world. Can you tell us a little about this?
Chase Goggans: First of all, let me say that I have been very blessed. I own a real estate investing and developing company called Markhor Investments International. We buy and sell investment properties as well as develop residential properties for investment and/or resale. We are hoping to get involved in some commercial development soon. I am also a licensed Realtor.
Q: What are your future plans?
Chase Goggans: I really like Tallahassee and my plans are to stay here and grow my company. I would like to one day be able to contribute to this community and to give back to this University and its Athletic programs. I also plan to do more hunting. I am an avid hunter, but school, football, and working has limited my free time these last four years.
Q: Any final words?
Chase Goggans: I would like to say thank you to FSU for giving me an opportunity at a first class education and to the fans for supporting me these past four years. I would like to have given more in return.
I look forward to getting this season underway. To be honest with you, it is not very much fun collecting splinters, but I will always encourage and support my teammates. I would like nothing more than to end this year with a National Championship.