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About The Osceola 

The Osceola began publishing in 1982 and immediately became one of the leading resources for Florida State athletics coverage. Co-founder and owner Jerry Kutz bought the publication in 2019, and the Osceola launched a new site, podcast and newsletters. The Osceola joined the Rivals network on Aug. 1, 2022 with an expanded staff of writers, Osceola football analysts like Mark Salva, Charlie Ward, Kez McCorvey, Kirk Carruthers and others. We have also added some new guides to our message boards.

While FSU football and recruiting will always be the foundation for our coverage, we will closely follow all men's and women's sports as well as the business of college athletics at FSU, in the ACC and nationally. We have added a free women's sports forum.

We also seek to have a purposeful focus on the fan experience, delivering convenient and affordable ideas to increase your enjoyment of FSU sports. We're often asked what should we do or where we should go when coming back to Tallahassee. Jerry has compiled ideas here. You can meet up with Jerry as well as members of The Osceola staff on Fridays before home football games at Tally and Fin, which just opened in College Town.

We hope you will enjoy spending time reading our stories, getting to know our staff and talking with family and friends on our FSU message boards.

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