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Customer Support


Please do not post customer support questions or complaints on the message boards. Use the links below:

Rivals.com Customer Support - Includes questions or changes related to billing, subscriptions, passwords, signing-in and for contacting Rivals.com

Warchant.com customer Support - Email support@warchant.com.

Message Boards - Email moderators@warchant.com for questions, disputes, complaints or to contact the moderators. You can also interact directly on the message boards by clicking the message icon on the top right.

Message Board Rules and how to report on a disruptive poster

Technical Support - Email support@warchant.com or go to the Technical Support Forum (best for tech questions related to the message boards)

User Profile - To update your email or password
Message Board options - Update signature images, preferences, alerts, ignore list, etc.

Billing Info - To view and update your billing information

*NOTE: The Rivals customer service phone number no loner exists. Instead please use Rivals.com Help Forum or email directly to contact Rivals.