Duckett gets greyshirt offer, may sign with JUCO

It's been a long road of uncerntainty for 2012 offensive lineman Adam Duckett. The Orlando East River prospect is a late qualifier and is taking a final look at his options before national signing day.
On Saturday, he made the short trip to Tallahassee to take a took a look at Florida State. He left with a greyshirt offer from the Seminoles, which means that he would enroll in January 2013. However, the current hold up seems to be his test scores.
"Right now we are just waiting to see if my ACT test score gets flagged. I have two more credits to make up that I'm doing right now, so if I get everything done and I am cleared, I'll be good as gold enrolling in January," explained Duckett.
The big question at this stage would be does Duckett plan on signing anywhere on Wednesday?
"I plan on signing with a junior college on Wednesday. It will be either Georgia Military Academy or Trinity Valley (Athens, Tex.), but I'm not sure yet," he said.
Duckett arrived at FSU early Saturday morning, which happened to be the same day as the Seminoles' junior day event.
"The visit went phenomenal. When I got there I met with all the coaches," he said. "I toured the stadium, campus and toured the athletic facilities."
Later in the day, Duckett met with head coach Jimbo Fisher to talk about his current academic situation.
"Coach Fisher said that if everything goes right, they will get me in there as a greyshirt and enroll in January 2013."
Duckett also got a chance to meet with offensive line coach Rick Trickett.
"Coach Trickett mainly talked about getting everything straightened out and that he wanted me bad," he noted. "During the meeting with Fisher and Trickett, they both said they like how I can bend for a guy my size. They said they have seen a lot of big lineman, but not many are that flexible in being able to bend the way I can."
Heading into the weekend, the 6-foot-8, 350 pounder almost had his mind made up that Florida State was where he wanted to be.
"My father has liked Tennessee and then another family member liked Florida. I always liked FSU. I think Rick Trickett is the best offensive line coach," he said. "I mean if you are going to work with someone, you want to work with the person that's going to get you somewhere and I'm pretty sure Coach Trickett will get me somewhere."