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Fathers of 2011 signees share feelings on sons success

The rest of Florida State's 2011 signing class arrived in Tallahassee this weekend to begin their college careers. That means many fathers' said good-bye to their sons on this special weekend. Warchant.com caught up with some of the 2011 signee's fathers to get their thoughts on what it will mean to them to see their sons decked out in garnet and gold for the first time.
What is it going to be like when you see your son on the field for the first time?
Bryant Coker (Jacob Coker): A nervous wreck. But I'm real excited for him. He was a three sport athlete, but chose football. I've always been proud of him because he's worked hard and he is a humble person. I'll be his biggest fan.
Mark Nugent (Karlos Williams): I'm going to be thrilled I'm going to be very proud. When we first saw Vince come out on the field, we had tears in our eyes because it's something we always wanted for years and years, it finally came true. Seeing two of them is going to be a real proud moment. It's going be very surreal.
Derrick Mitchell Sr: I think it's going to be an real emotional day for me. I'm going to be extremely proud. Just to know he'll be playing for a great university and great football program.
Eric Beverly Sr: When he steps on the field in an FSU uniform, I'll be so excited to know that he made it. I grew up in Monticello so Tallahassee is like home to me, I grew up a Florida State fan. Eric could have selected a different road, but he picked Florida State. I can't wait to cheer, scream and holler. I'll be the loudest one out there.
What did it mean to you when he first got an FSU offer?
Bryant Coker (Jacob): Well, his first offer came from Arkansas State. I didn't really care if he got another one. To get a D-1 offer was fantastic. I know how hard it is to get a scholarship, but I also knew how hard he worked. When he decided football is what he wanted to do, it was a little late (he'd been playing three sports). So when FSU offered him, it was pretty exciting.
Derrick Mitchell Sr: When the letter came that day, I was extremely excited, because I love FSU. For my son to be offered by FSU, it was just a tremendous day for the family. It meant even more because that is where I played. I still have friends that are on the staff. Odell and I were friends in college, we've known each other for a long time. For him to get the opportunity to be coached by Odell is something I'll be really excited about.
Eric Beverly Sr: When he first got the scholarship offer, it was a proud moment because he will be the first in my generation to go to college. It will be big for me as a parent because I didn't have an opportunity to go, but he has the opportunity to go.
Glenn Lovelady (Sterling Lovelady): We were real excited about it. Sterling really liked Coach Trickett. We knew he was in the right place. That's what we were most excited about. Trickett was just straight forward about everything. He skipped through all the nonsense. He said this is what Sterling can do for us, this is what we can do for him. He told us that he would treat him like his own son, and I believe he has. He's exactly what he said he was going to be.
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