FSU bowl game travel roster

FSU bowl game travel roster
Tallahassee, Fla. -- "We are releasing our travel roster for the Music City Bowl as we do prior to all road games," said FSU Associate Athletic Director Rob Wilson. "It is very important that the media make clear that those missing the bowl trip are not included because of either injury or for a violation of team policy. We can not, due to student records laws, provide more specific information with respect to each student-athlete. It would be irresponsible to imply or state that any or all of the student-athletes will miss the trip for one particular reason."
Alexander, Mister
Allen, Dionte
Aronson, Zachary
Atkins, Dumaka
Bellamy, Evan
Berniard, Geoff
Boatman, Shannon
Boston, Alex
Brown, Everette
Bruno, Carlyle
Carr, Greg
Carter, Tony
Cismesia, Gary
Compton, Sean
Culpepper, Jay
Davis, Pat
Dobbie, Josh
Dunbar, Emmanuel
Dunham, Matt
Easterling, Taiwan
Edwards, Darren
Edwards, Jamaal
Fagg, De'Cody
Fluellen, Andre
Frady, John
Furlong, Will
Ganguzza, AJ
Gano, Graham
Garvin, Michael Ray
Green, Antwuan
Greenlee, Antwane
Gresham, Aaron
Harris, Maurice
Hayes, Geno
Holloway, Seddrick
Houllis, Anthony
Hudson, Rodney
Ingram, Kenny
Island, Randolph
Jackson, Jamar
Jenije, Ochuko
Johnson, Jonathan
Lampkin, Benjamin
Lawson, Roosevelt
Leon, Anthony
Mangum, Korey
McClure, Darius
McMahon, Ryan
Moody, Brent
Nicholson, Derek
Norona, Joche
Norris, DJ
Nowles, Andrew
Ojibway, Nathan
Osteen, Clayton
Overmyer, David
Owens, Rod
Parker, Preston
Parvin, Daniel
Paul, Brandon
Person, Jonathan
Ponder, Christian
Reed, Bert
Richardson, D'Vontrey
Roberts, Rod
Robinson, Jamie
Rodriguez, Jose
Rolle, Myron
Sanborn, Garrison
Smith, Antone
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kendall
Spivey, Nykem
St. Louis, Toddrick
Stewart, Kendrick
Stieglitz, Chad
Tate, Joshua
Thaxton, Jae
Verdell, Todd
Wade, Cameron
Walker, Chase
Weatherford, Drew
Williams, Roger
Wright, Recardo
Zann, Vincent