Get to know.... Pitcher Michael Hyde

Get to know.... Pitcher Michael Hyde
by Drew
1) Was it always your intention to come to
Florida State after only one year at TCC?
The one year at TCC had a huge impact on my
life socially and athletically, but it has always been my goal to be a Seminole.
I never expected to have the opportunity to leave junior college after one year
but it was the best decision I've ever made.
2) what has been your most memorable experience as a Seminole? Least memorable?
The most memorable experience I have had as a
Seminole has to be the game I pitched against Virginia last season in the ACC
tournament. The least memorable was without a doubt my outing against the Gators
because it was at home and there is nothing worse than losing at home,
especially to the lizards.
3) Who or what influenced your athletic career the most?
My dad has been the most influential person in
my life from the athletic standpoint. He has not only been the best dad, but he
has also been my biggest fan, coach, and mentor.
4) Who was the toughest hitter you've ever had to face in college, and why?
Gavin Dickey (UF) has probably been the
toughest hitter I've faced in college thus far because we played together from
little league through high school and I'd say he's a pretty good player as well.
5) Of the new pitchers on the team this fall, which one impressed you the most,
and who do you think is going to have the biggest impact on the 2007 team?
Danny Rosen has impressed me the most of the
new guys this season because he hasn't been intimidated by anything or anyone.
He is full of confidence and has great stuff as well. He will have a tremendous
impact in whatever role he is given.
6) Growing up in Tallahassee and being a Seminole fan, who was your favorite
Nole growing up?
My favorite Nole growing up was shortstop Link
Jarrett. I can remember coming out for kids day at Howser and standing next to
him during the National Anthem.
7) If a baseball career doesn't work out, what would you like to do with your
Well I have intentions to take the LSAT's after
I graduate in the spring and possibly attending law school. However, I hope that
I can play ball for at least a few more years before I try to tackle the real
8) Do you have a favorite song or cheer that the Animals do?
My favorite cheer that the Animals do has to be
"Take me out of this ball game" because it is hilarious and usually means our
offense is dominating.
9) With home series against Tennessee, North Carolina, and Clemson among others,
who are you most looking forward to taking the mound against at Howser in 2007?
I am looking forward to throwing to all of
those teams, but if I had to chose one I would probably say Clemson because
leaving South Carolina after getting swept last season left a bad taste in my
mouth as well as others. This year the brooms will be out when the Tigers come
and visit Howser.
10) As much as a pitcher relies on his catcher, and With some off-season
controversy at that position, what are your thoughts on Buster Posey and Brady
Thomas being up to the task?
Buster and Brady are two of the hardest
workers on our team and it shows when they get behind the plate at practice.
They seem to get better and better every time they suit up and I do not think
there is anyone else better for the job than those two.
Word Association:
1) Omaha: The Big "O"
2) Mike Martin: Mastermind
3) Jamey Shouppe: Dedicated
4) Inspiration: God
5) Cape Cod: Summer ball heaven
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