Incoming freshman QA: Seddrick Holloway

With 31 new players beginning their college careers at Florida State this year and a small recruiting class to follow, you can bet a large number of the newcomers will be redshirted. However, there are a couple positions on the roster where a rookie will have a chance at immediate playing time. One of those positions is at fullback where last season's co-starters, B.J. Dean and James Coleman, have graduated. That leaves only junior Joe Surratt and incoming freshmen Matt Dunham and Seddrick Holloway to fill the void.
Warchant.com recently caught up with Holloway at Lincoln High School to discuss what he has been up to since signing day, his plans for joining the FSU workouts this summer, his expectations for the upcoming season and more.

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What have you been up to in the off-season?
Just working out trying to get faster and stronger to get ready for (Florida) State when I get there.
What's your weight right now?
Right now I'm at 246.
Unlike most incoming freshmen, you have a good chance to play right away at fullback. As a result, are you approaching this with a little more urgency?
Yes sir. There's a lot of motivation in the weight room and on the track. When I'm working out it just motivates me to do a lot more and work a lot harder.
You are out at your old school today, Lincoln. Are you trying to get a couple of your old teammates to join you at FSU?
Yea, I'm trying to convince some of them to come over to State and help us out and contribute.
The voluntary summer workouts at FSU start on June 5th. Do you plan to be out there from day one?
Yes sir.
Are you keeping up with any current players at FSU?
Rodney Gallon, I talk to him quite a bit. He comes out here and we workout together and do Florida State drills. I'm trying to get sync with everything and learn the ropes before I get there.
When we talked to offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden on signing day he said he would like to get the fullbacks more involved in the offense like they did in the 90's. Since you can run and catch pretty well that has to be exciting for you?
I always want to get my hand on the ball and do what I can do with it so it will be a treat for me.
What's going to go through your mind when you step on the field in the Orange Bowl for your first game as a Seminole?
I don't even know. I think about it every day and I can't even imagine. Only time will tell.
Do you have any fitness goals or a target weight you hope to be this season?
I think I want to be underweight so when I get there I can put on a lot of muscle and be solid.
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