FSU LB target Blake Nichelson on official: 'I really love the program here'
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LB Nichelson recaps FSU official visit: 'I really love the program here'

Florida State's football staff hosted visitors from all around the country this weekend, and one of the main attractions was definitely linebacker Blake Nichelson out of Manteca, Calif.

The three-star prospect was the Seminoles’ lone official visitor this weekend, and the FSU staff had plenty of time to spend with him on an individual basis.

After wrapping things up Saturday evening, Nichelson recapped everything from details of his visit to where FSU stands with him currently, and when he will likely make his final decision and commit.

“It was a great experience to go around campus and get to experience the entire thing. Look around everywhere,” Nichelson said. “Overall, it has been great. I can definitely see myself coming here.”

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California linebacker Blake Nichelson checks out FSU's campus this weekend during his official visit.
California linebacker Blake Nichelson checks out FSU's campus this weekend during his official visit.

FSU linebackers coach/co-defensive coordinator Randy Shannon is Nichelson's main contact, and the linebacker seemed impressed with what the experienced Shannon has to offer.

“He came out to my school before. We have a pretty good relationship. He’s just a normal dude,” Nichelson said. “Obviously, everybody knows his accomplishments and stuff, but he’s just a humble person.”

Nichelson, who also spent a lot of time with defensive coordinator Adam Fuller and head coach Mike Norvell, made a point to mention that the whole coaching staff was available to speak with him. He then recapped what stood out from the conversations with Norvell.

“Basically, he’s showing how much he kind of wants me to be in this program to be honest. A lot of it is just fun conversations, too,” Nichelson said. “On a personal level, just personal stuff. So yeah, I really love the program here.”

Nichelson said the ’Noles envision him as an important piece in their plans for linebacker within the 2023 recruiting class.

“It’s great to see that amount of interest. I feel like that is a big part of my recruitment," he said. "I want to go somewhere where I am wanted. So obviously, they show that they really want me, and that’s a great thing.”

Nichelson said he “got to do a little bit of everything” during the visit, including spend some time around the current FSU players. His host was true freshman quarterback A.J. Duffy, who is also a California native.

“Honestly, just from looking at everything, I think it is kind of a family vibe. I feel like everybody knows each other,” Nichelson said. “It’s not like you have your little groups and stuff, it’s a family vibe here. They’re all connected together.”

So what are the most important factors to Nichelson when considering his leaders?

“I would say relationships is probably like a key role in this entire process,” he said. “I want to go somewhere where I am wanted, but also a place that is going to develop me to be the best player I can be as well. Obviously, I know from the coaching staff that they can develop players.”

Now that he has officially visited FSU, Nichelson recapped how he feels about the ’Noles overall.

“I am feeling really good. Like I said earlier, this is definitely a place I could see myself going,” he said. “I just can’t wait to build this relationship more and see more about Florida State.”

As far as a decision timetable: “I am not 100 percent sure when I am going to make my decision. I kind of want to commit before the season, though. So probably around August is when I am going to end up committing.”

Nichelson next heads to Oregon for an official visit next weekend. Other schools in contention for officials with him are Washington and Nebraska.

Although FSU is the only program in the Southeast in heavy contention with Nichelson, he said the distance across the country isn’t a huge deal.

“No, distance definitely isn’t a factor. It doesn’t really matter to me,” Nichelson said. “Best fit for me is where I am going to go, no matter the distance.”

Later this fall, Nichelson has plans to make his way back to Tallahassee for another visit with FSU.

“Definitely. I definitely want to go to a game here, too. That would be cool,” he said. “Probably Clemson. I will end up wanting to go to that, probably."


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