Mini QA: Rick Trickett faces the media

Transcript of offensive line coach Rick Trickett's interview with the media after Monday night's practice:
Q: What do you think the problems are?
Trickett: At the end of the first quarter, we had 50 yards rushing. If you do that in the second, third, and fourth quarter, you have 200 yards rushing. Well what happened is, the wheels fell off for my group when we didn't get it in down on the goal line. When we got down on the goal line, we should have scored on the first two plays. Those first two plays you could walk in. But we didn't. The third play they stuffed, the center got knocked back. Then it started getting a little shaky, because we had been pretty successful. Then it just went to hell in a hand basket. We were trying to play three quarters of the game without two tackles. You can't do that. I don't know what happened. We just didn't play well at tackle. But Rodney Hudson, you could have beaten the Green Bay Packers with the way he played. And McMahon was good enough to win with. But the tackle position - and I credit a lot of that to them. Those two defensive ends were pretty damn good. That 90 (Jason Pierre-Paul) was a lot better than I thought he was.
Q: Those are NFL guys?
Trickett: Yeah 90 is a definite first round guy I think. I think he is up there. That isn't no excuse though because we blocked them half the time. Everybody on the team takes a role. The left guard one time, then a running back, then a wide out, then the right guard, then the left tackle. It was all the way through.
Q: How did Rhonne Sanderson practice last week with the start and everything?
Trickett: He practiced good because I didn't feel good about the other guy. I didn't feel good about the other guy's focus on Thursday. So we made the change.
I did a horse**** job of getting the kids ready. I knew they were going to be good. I played against them. They were number two in the nation last year, for a week. We haven't been number two. Kids feel bad about it. They practiced the best tonight than they have since I have been here. We will bounce back.
Q: Boston College's defensive line gave you some issues last year.
Trickett: Usually when people have better people than you do you're going to have some issues. They are pretty good but they don't have them two guys. It's the same scheme. Frank's been running the same scheme forever.
Q: Are you guys in a better position to fare better than last year?
Trickett: I think so. It's just ball. North Carolina, they have been hot as a rocket and what did they have, 16 yards rushing? But I've never had 19. It wasn't the worst day in my life, but it damn sure was in my top five.
Transcribed by Corey Dowlar
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