Monday Football Practice Report

Spring Practice HQ
The Seminoles held their 13th practice of the spring on Monday afternoon, working out in shells for 20 periods after reviewing the film from Saturday's scrimmage. The team will practice once more on Wednesday and then wrap up the spring with the Garnet and Gold game on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. The coaches used the final four periods on Monday for 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 scrimmaging. Freshman safety Myron Rolle came up big with a pair of interceptions, one in each scrimmage session. Drew Weatherford hit Richard Goodman for a 40-yard touchdown in 7-on-7 against Tony Carter, but Carter bounced back on the next play and took an interception off Tommy Keane back for a touchdown. In 11-on-11, Jamie Robinson and Geno Hayes had pass break-ups.
(on how developing the running game makes the offense multi-dimensional)
"It's better, there's no doubt about it. But where it would help you is it gives you two dimensions on offense instead of one. If they know you're going to throw every down, they can give you some problems. When they don't know whether you're going to run or throw, that's when the defense has problems. That's why you try to develop a better running game, but you know, you can't do it without an offensive line."
(on Drew Weatherford's ability to avoid interceptions in spring practice)
"Those are pluses (not throwing interceptions). He was good today; he had a good day throwing today. Not throwing interceptions is very important and maybe he's made a lot of improvement in that area with his experience."
(on the offensive line getting "meaner" this spring)
"Have you ever seen a mean offensive lineman? I've never seen a mean offensive lineman, mean people play defense. But they are blocking better and the good thing is that they've been able to stay healthy and get better, that's what you want."
(on his first interception during 7-on-7 drills)
"It was a pretty good day. I was trying to read my keys and react to the football. My first interception was in the seven-on-seven and I saw Tommy Keane look at me before the play and sort of give me a wink. I was like, 'okay,' but he didn't know we were playing cover two so I was able to get on top of the receiver. He went up for the ball and I went up over the top of him and just was able to out-muscle him for the football. Coach [Andrews] was real happy about that and I got a gasser taken off because of that play so that was pretty good."
(on what his expectations were heading into spring practice)
"This spring I just wanted to learn everything. I knew these guys were going to have a head start on me because they've been in this program before and I was going to be fresh and not know what I was doing. But with the help of Coach Andrews and some of the older guys like Roger Williams, they've been able to help me, help facilitate that process and help me learn the defense so I can get ready to play."
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