Murphy closer to FSU offer

For the second year in a row Lakewood's Louis Murphy was easily one of the top wide receivers at Florida State's football camp. During the second session of the camp this week, the 6-foot-3, 176-pound wideout was unstoppable in passing drills and pretty much had his way with the defensive backs. He did the same thing last year when he teamed up with current FSU quarterback Drew Weatherford. The caliber of quarterbacks at the camp wasn't as high his year, but Murphy dominated just the same.
Based on his size, speed, grades and performance in a camp environment you might think Murphy would have his pick of schools. That's not quite the case yet due in large part to the fact that he played for an 0-10 team last year that ran a Wing-T offense. So instead of catching touchdown passes, he spent most of his time blocking defensive backs and linebackers. Even so, he has managed to pick up offers from N.C. State, Louisville, Maryland and Duke, but is still waiting on schools like FSU, Tennessee and Florida to step up.
Murphy should get more exposure this fall since Lakewood hired a new offensive coordinator. The new coach will install a spread offense, which should make Murphy a focal part of the offense.
Despite his impressive performance at camp, Murphy left FSU without a scholarship offer in hand. Nevertheless, he is confident that it is only a matter of time until he gets the call from a Seminole coach telling him one is one the way.
"They are going to have a meeting and see who all is on the board and see who they are going to give scholarships to," Murphy said. "I know they have offered a few but coming from my school they still have to see more. That's one thing I hate - I know I can play with these guys here and I know I'm good enough but it's just that I have to prove it to them. I think I proved myself this week.
"I know they offered (Fred) Rouse and (O.J.) Murdock and that's all I know about in-state. They probably offered somebody out of state... I feel I'm better than Fred Rouse. I've seen his highlights, I've seen him in person - he's a good receiver and I can't take that away from him but I don't think he's better than me. If I played in his offense with his team I feel I would have done just as good or better."
Murphy had hoped to make his commitment prior to the start of his senior season, but now he will be patient in hopes of getting an offer from the Seminoles sometime this fall.
"I'm going to wait a little bit longer," he said. "I'll wait until I get that offer I really want. I really want to go here. If Tennessee or Florida offer me and they (FSU) don't offer me then I'll see."
Murphy, who is cousins with FSU wide receiver Chris Davis, says he is confident that he will get an offer from his dream school. When that happens there isn't much doubt that he will be back in Tallahassee next fall.
Even though he was used primarily as a blocker last season, Murphy managed to post 26 catches for 525 yards and three touchdowns. He also had five interceptions while playing free safety.
Murphy may attend the Auburn camp this weekend. He plans on being back at FSU this fall to attend a couple football games.
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