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Nations top DE talks recruiting

Prospect video: Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller is not a big fan of the media. In fact, the five-star athlete may be the most humble big-name recruit out there, and would prefer to play sports and do his thing, rather than talk about recruiting. But Warchant.com caught up with the elusive athlete on Wednesday.
The Rivals100 member visited Florida State officially two weekends ago and asked who he hung out with, Miller responded, "I really don't hang out or go out". That's music to the ears of the coaches who are looking for guys who focus more on their academics and less on the VIP lounge at Yiannas.
As for his Florida State trip, Miller rated it an 8 out of 10.
"It was nice," said Miller. "I spent time hanging out with Ernie Sims. He told me how it was and told me what the deal is."
The nation's top rated defensive end said he shuttled back and forth between FSU and his basketball game, but he still had a great time in Tallahassee. "We ate a lot, talked about academics and took a little tour," he said.
Despite Miller's "good" time on campus, he's not one to tip his hat and says all five of his schools are still in the running. That list includes Alabama, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Georgia and Florida.
Last weekend he was in Gainesville and rated the visit a 7 out of 10. "It was nice...different...but nice," says Miller.
Florida is not believed to be one of the major players in the Brandon Miller sweepstakes, especially with a ranking lower than FSU.
This weekend, he is supposed to visit Alabama...or is he???
"I'm not sure about that one," said Miller. "I'm going to meet with my coach and figure it out."
Georgia is the final visit. But despite UGA's "rumored" edge, when asked if he will visit Georgia, Miller
responded, "I guess so." Coach Calloway from Georgia spent Wednesday afternoon at Miller County High School.
Everyone you talk to says Miller is one of the nicest, yet modest people you will ever meet. Not even his own mother has a clue as to what Brandon is thinking when it comes to recruiting. So before everyone goes crazy with his answers, remember that Miller doesn't get that excited about any school. That's not a bad thing, that's just his nature.
All five of his school have told him he could play basketball, although that may not be in the cards.
"They all said I can play, I don't know if they all mean it...but it would be hard to play both football and basketball."
Miller reports a grade-point-average (GPA) around 3.0 and he recently took the SAT and is awaiting the results.
As a junior Miller collected 98 tackles, 13 for loss, six sacks, three interceptions and had three fumble recoveries. He also returned three punts for a touchdown. As a senior he missed a large chunk of the season due to injury.
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