No. 1 WR psyched about upcoming FSU visit

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When Miami comes to town on October 11th Florida State may set a record for the number of recruits at a home game. Just about every top prospect in the Southeast looking at the Tribe has expressed an interest in attending the in-state showdown. Most of the recruits in attendance will be at the game in an unofficial capacity. However, there will be a handful in for official visits.
One of those will likely be Early Doucet.
The No. 1 rated wide receiver has just about put the final touches on scheduling an official visit to Florida State for that weekend. Doucet grew up cheering for FSU and Peter Warrick but said he's not sure which team he will be rooting for that afternoon. However, he does hope to be wearing Seminole gear for the game if he can get his hands on the proper attire before October 11th.
In addition to the FSU visit, he recently scheduled trips to Oklahoma (10/17), Florida (10/28) and Miami (11/15). His fifth visit will go to LSU sometime in December or January. Other than the LSU trip, his other four visits will take place during game weekends. That's a little unusual, as a lot of recruits like to make their official visit during off-weeks or after the conclusion of the season.
"I want to see everything but mainly I want to see the fans prepare for the game, the players and all that good stuff," Doucet said. "(I want to see) how the team reacts to each other -- are they a close net family or are they separated, how they prepare mentally before games, how the fans take the game, how they react and are they loyal to the team."
Regardless of what happens on these visits, Doucet says he will wait until he takes all five before making a decision.
"I'm going to take all my visits because I've earned that opportunity so I'm going to use it," he said. "I want to take all my visits and evaluate it afterwards and make my decision."
That means the five-star wide receiver probably won't make his commitment until sometime in January. He hinted that he wouldn't mind if his announcement was broadcast by ESPN. At the very least he will go public with his decision in some type of press conference from his school.
Despite all the rumors that have circulated regarding which school holds the edge, the 6-foot-1, 207-pound athlete insists he is still wide open between his top five teams - FSU, LSU, Oklahoma, Miami and Florida. Most people seem to think he will end up playing close to home with the Tigers but Doucet continues to express a strong interest in the Seminoles.
"I've been checking them out on Saturday and have been talking to some of the coaches," he said. "I've been keeping up with them pretty much.
"I sat down and talked to coach (Jeff) Bowden a little bit and we are kind of on the same page because we run a spread offense and they kind of run the same thing with no-huddles. That's the same type of stuff they do at Florida State. He was saying I would be step ahead because I'm familiar with running that kind of offense."
Another interesting wrinkle in Doucet's recruitment is his relationship with fellow five-star wideout Cameron Colvin. The two elite prospects met at Miami's football camp and formed a friendship. The two had hoped to visit the same schools at the same time but now it looks like that won't happen.
"It's been a while since I talked to him but we were supposed to do that," Doucet said. "The thing is I think he wants to take his visits after the season and I want to take mine during the season. So I don't think we'll be able to take our visits together... I think we are both looking at Florida State, Oklahoma and Miami."
Doucet's St. Martinville team is 2-1 this season but he hasn't been able to contribute as much as he would like since he's recovering from a hamstring injury. He hopes to be back to full speed within a couple weeks. As a quarterback last season Doucet rushed for over 1236 yards and had nearly 600 yards passing and 22 touchdowns.
Doucet should have no problem qualifying. He is currently carrying a 3.4 GPA.
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