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Osceola video: Scott, Ward, Lovett, Lundy

Florida State offensive lineman Robert Scott, running back Treshaun Ward, defensive tackle Fabien Lovett and linebacker DJ Lundy talk after the 49-17 win over Louisiana.

FSU offensive tackle Robert Scott

What has been the key for offensive line improvement?

"I'd say working together as a unit every day. We're choosing to come watch film together. In the past years, everybody kind of did their own thing. Now, since we're all working together as a unit, you're seeing what's happening."

How much does Coach Norvell talk about Florida during the season? How much does this upcoming game mean?

"I try not to worry about the opponent. It's more just worrying about making sure I'm doing my job because if you're doing your job, everything will play out at the end of the day."

Dillan breaking rock as OL representative. What did that mean after all the earlier struggles of the OL?

"It means a lot. The reason why it means a lot is because people are seeing it. They're seeing that we're changing the program around here. The past two years, it wasn't always good, but now it's getting better, that (OL) group. We're going to keep working so that's why we won't go back to where we used to be."

How did Dillan do breaking the rock?

"He did good. He had a hat on, had the glasses on. I was going to give him my goggles. He did good. I'm happy for him. Old man, I'm glad he did it. Plus he already looks like a caveman, he's got the beard. It worked out real good for him."

What has Dillan done for the OL?"DG, Dillan Gibbons, he means a lot to me. He came here and he could have been selfish and just worried about himself, but he was trying to grow the unit. The fist bump that we do after every play, that came from him. He chooses what time we need to meet together, he tells us what time we need to be in the building. I appreciate him because a lot of people wouldn't have done that stuff at times, but the way he does itand the way he moves out here, I have nothing but respect for him."

How much did you think about the Gators and beating them during the offseason?

"Coach Norvell, he never says their name because you already know who they are. To me, especially after last year, that was my first playing against an SEC team, after earlier this season (vs. LSU), I have a lot of confidence. At the end of the day, I'm going to make sure I don't play sorry so that my mom calls me and says, 'You did a good job, son.'"

Not mentioning UF by name/last year's game

"Nobody says the name. I haven't heard it yet. I'm not planning on hearing it. After last season, it does a little taste in your mouth, you're just like, 'Man, c'mon.' We're really excited about the game. I think it's more excitement and ready to get it done based off what happened last year."

How good do you feel about this team health-wise this far into the season?"I feel good because every day I see other people in the training room when I'm in the training room. That's a good sign. Everybody, even if you're not hurt, is in the training room. I think we're in a good spot where we're at right now."

How does this level of team success feel after last few seasons?

"It didn't really hit me until today. I only had one drive after halftime and I was talking to (Fabien Lovett) and a few other guys, saying, 'We're really just chilling right now. I haven't done this since we've been here. I didn't know we could do this. Right now, we'd be trying to win the game.' That's when it really hit me. I'm seeing the success and even the people that are behind me, the twos and threes, are getting in. My boy Markeston caught the touchdown one-handed. It's kind of crazy because at practice, he doesn't do that. When you see that in the game, it's like, 'Ok, you've got some other skills behind you. You're not just a blocker. You can catch, too.' Besides that, I hadn't seen the success. We're all working together and I think it's because we always hang out with each other. I think that's why a lot is going on off the field and on the field."

How much are you coaching backup linemen after you're out and they are in?

"For sure. I don't want my young bulls in there looking sorry. I'm telling them what's going on. They ask me what kind of pass rush they're getting, whether they're twisting. I like those questions because if they're young and asking those questions, imagine what they're going to be when they get older."

Running back Treshaun Ward

On scoring a TD

“It was definitely good. These last four weeks have been hard mentally, just wanting to be out there seeing my teammates doing good. It was definitely a good feeling getting into the end zone and my teammates celebrating with me.

On taking a handoff vs. wildcat snap

“I actually feel like a quarterback when I get the direct snap, even though I am running the ball. It’s definitely a different feeling getting handoffs instead of the direct snap.

On "Wild Ward" name

“They didn’t give a nickname for the personnel or whatnot. It’s kind of been my thing since last year. In the Notre Dame game, we did the same thing, and it worked. I am kind of comfortable in it.”

On the balance of TDs/success of the group

“We have been seeing this all spring. Just pushing each other to be the best. The O-line did a great job of finding holes for us to run behind. The game planning this week was very good, as far as the scheme. We just executed and got the success.”

On the success

“We go back to what Bobby Bowden said about winning, ‘win big, win losing.’ We can take that for example, throughout the years with coach Norvell, we’ve been building up the chips to this year. As far as the spring goes, I knew we were going to be good; special teams, defense and offense. There were really competitive practices and we were going back and forth. The chemistry with this team has gotten so much better. It wasn’t a surprise. I knew this was going to be a good team.”

On beating Florida

“It would definitely be a statement. We haven’t done that since I’ve been here. It would be a good thing to do. As far as Florida, that is a big rivalry for us. We are going to take it like just another game, go through the game plans. But we’ve got to prepare like it is any other game.”

On Dillan Gibbons breaking the rock and what he has been like for this program

“When he came in for the first time, he introduced some new things for the O-line. As far as when they get up to the line, they fist bump. They never did that. It shows chemistry. And with his knowledge, he spread it with the offensive line. So him being there, an OG basically, gave them boys a path to look after.”

On what he remembers about the Florida game last season

“I can remember the last play, the last kickoff when he whiffed it. I was right there. It was being kicked over to my side. If we would have gotten it off, it would have been a different ballgame. But we are definitely coming out with a different type of mentality. This year, we have been stressing the Florida battle as far as Miami and Florida. Throughout fall camp, those were the must-win games. So we’ve just got to come out with the mentality to play.”

On what it does when Jordan Travis breaks off a few runs like he did today

“It builds our character. It makes us want to do better. It fuels us. It fuels the offense. It fuels everybody. It adds more fuel to the fire.”

On how Trey Benson has improved since game one

“I see him trusting his ability. The first few games, he was a little shaken up and (anxious), because he was not trusting himself. And then throughout the time that I’ve been out and you taking the load, it gave him a sense of who he is and what not. Doing this allowed him to get his confidence up. Breaking records, rushing for 100-plus yards within five games, it got his confidence back for sure.”

Defensive tackle Fabien Lovett

On the defense’s mindset

“Honestly just focusing on our job and being dominant in everything that we do, from taking steps to running to the ball, to doing everything. As you saw today, Coop ran to the ball and made the tackle. That’s just how we practice, that’s the standard.”

On defensive depth, bench playing more

“Honestly, it gives us a break so we don’t have to go out and keep going, and going, and going like last year. Last year we played probably 50-60 snaps a game. This year, it’s a big difference. It gives us the ability to use our full energy to know we’re going to go out and get a 3-and-out every time or go out and make a play every time.”

On growth since end of last season (vs. UF)

“I can probably say we’ve gotten closer, a lot closer because we know what we want. Everybody has a purpose. We’re not out here just playing because everybody has their own purpose, has their own reason and their own goals. Because at the end of the day, everybody wants to perfect their job to help the team overall. If we all do good, we all get good grades and have a chance of doing our dreams.”

On not looking ahead to UF, now focusing on UF

“Honestly, the same approach we do every week. Dominate and do our job. Do what we need to do to do our job. It’s never about the other team, it’s always about us no matter what. As long as we do what we need to do, we’ll come out successful.”

On flushing Louisiana, focusing on UF

“Now. We flush this game right after. It’s next-game mentality. We’ll go through walk-through and fix the mistakes that we had from the game tomorrow, but after that going to the next game, next goal, next win.”

On 3-and-out early

“Honestly, that’s our goal every week. That’s what we practice, to get a 3-and-out no matter what any time we’re on the field. We ain’t trying to be on the field long. Like he said, it’s a big difference from last year’s play on the field to this year’s, we’re trying to get those 3-and-outs, the takeaways. We need them.”

On the Senior Bowl, finish line

“Honestly no. I’m focused on the right here, right now and what I need to do to help and benefit my team. When that time comes, that’s when I’ll focus on that. But I’ve got to finish my season out strong, I want to finish my senior year with a bang.”

Linebacker/fullback DJ Lundy

On defensive depth, bench playing more

“Just knowing we have guys behind us who go in and keep up the same standard. Anytime you go out there on defense, you’re a starter in our program. Everybody has got to keep the same energy and that’s the standard.”

On growth since end of last season (vs. UF)

“This year, the brotherhood is so much better. Everyone out there are brothers. We feed off the offense, and the offense feeds off of us. We just keep each other going. This year, we’ve came along and we’re still going, but we’ve done reestablished the standard and that’s just what we’re trying to uphold.”

On growth from two years ago

“Before we go out there every week, we say we’ve got to dominate our opponent. That’s just the mindset we’ve got now. And compared to then, everybody is way more confident now that everybody is playing with swagger, that’s just how Florida State is supposed to be.”

On 3-and-out early

“We just try to get the offense back the ball, closest to our end-zone to give them the best opportunity to get in the end-zone. Like I said, they play off us and we play off them. As long as we both do our part we’ll be good.”

On fullback

“I mean, man I love that position, I love being able to block for my teammates. And I just tell them, when I’m in there, I’ll get them in the end-zone regardless of what happens. So I take big ownership in that and I appreciate Coach Norvell for giving me the opportunity.”