Performance Testing Results

Boulware retains his title
On Monday and Tuesday the Seminole football team completed five tests that make up the performance index. Last year Strength and Conditioning Coach Jon Jost initiated new testing procedures that include the 40-yard dash, 10-yard dash, pro agility run, vertical jump and broad jump.
Scoring for each test ranges from 0 to 1,000 points, with 1,000 points being equal to a predicted world record performance in the event. The Index takes into account the result of each test as well as the athlete’s body weight, which enables every athlete’s abilities to be evaluated equally. The index was developed at the University of Nebraska and evaluated over a ten-year period by a team of statistics professors to develop the scoring equation.
Because the 40-yard dash is now run on the grass and is electronically timed the Florida State coaches decided to release "hand-held conversion" times. The combination of the grass and electronic timers drastically increase 40-times so the released times are being reduced by two-tenths of a second (.02).
For the second straight year Michael Boulware led the team in the performance index with an overall score of 3160. The junior linebacker turned in the top 10-yard dash (1.51) and pro agility run (3.97). Also breaking the 3000 barrier was junior tailback Greg Jones. Despite weighing in at 250-pounds Jones posted outstanding results in all five of the tests. But the biggest surprise was the No. 3 ranking for Eric Powell. The senior defensive lineman was shot during a robbery attempt in Orlando ten months ago and seriously wounded.
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