Political Board Rules

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Rules & Regulations
Do not expect special treatment because you've
been on Warchant for years or because you're a subscriber. These rules are to be
followed and will be enforced.
When emailing the moderators, it helps us
tremendously to identify your username in the email. It's also helpful to
provide a link to the problem thread if that's what the email is about.
1) Please avoid sexually explicit topics. There are other outlets for those
kind of discussions, please refrain from them on Warchant.
2) The Raucous Caucus is here to serve as a Political and Election Board. 
Please keep threads on those topics only.
3) Spamming the board rapid-fire with thread after thread is strictly against
the rules. If you've got a lot of stuff to post, try do it in as few threads as
4) Please try to scan the board before posting a new
thread to insure there isn't already one covering your topic. If you miss
one and post a 'rerun' thread and it gets locked or deleted, don't be offended -
we simply try to keep the board clean. If there are two or more identical
threads, we'll usually keep the one which has the most responses.
5) Warchant is not here to provide publicity for other websites. If you're an
established Warchant user, feel free to direct people to your site but no driveby's with the intent of driving up traffic to your site.
Recruiting people to go to other message boards is strictly prohibited.
6) Discussions about illegal activities/how
to, including but not limited to illegal file-sharing and hacking are strictly
Using Warchant as an conduit to exchange email addresses for this kind of
activity is not allowed.
Acceptable Images
1) Posting pictures of or links to nudity of any kind is not allowed.
2) No pictures of men or women in skimpy
clothing, in other words, "Assets" are no longer allowed anywhere on Warchant.
3) Using Warchant as a conduit to exchange
email addresses for "Asset" swapping is not allowed.
Signatures and Avatars
1) Statements or pictures supporting a
political candidate or a political cause are allowed in signatures and avatars. Statements
or pictures ridiculing a candidate or political cause are not allowed in
signatures and avatars.
2) Scantily clad women and men are not allowed to be used in signatures or
avatars, nor
is 'controversial' subject matter. That includes "linking to" websites that contain the same subject matter. If you have a question about what might or
might not be allowed, please contact the moderators via the link at the top of
the board.
3) Signatures should be no bigger than 500 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall.
4) Signatures should be no larger than 400k total.
Any signature or avatar containing such material will be banned without warning.
Reinstatement of a user's signature or avatar will come only after that signature has been
changed. Further violations will result in the user being banned from the site.
Users from other Rivals' boards must comply with these signature rules as well.
If your signature is in violation of any of the rules above, you must either
change it or ask us to simply ban it. Users requiring help with their signatures
may seek assistance on the Warchant Technical Center Board.
Personal Attacks
1) Personal attacks of any form against another user will result in a ban.
This includes calling people morons, idiots, etc...
1) Profanity is not allowed on any Warchant board. This includes but is not
limited to swapping out characters for letters in a word. As an example, '$hit'
is NOT acceptable. This rule includes "linking to" sites that contain profanity. If the site contains swear words, then don't link there.
2) Using something similar to *$@&%*#@ instead of profanity is allowed.
3) Using expressions such as "frickin", "fargin', "f'n" is allowed.
4) This profanity ban does not include the following words, provided they're
used in the proper context: "bitch, ass, damn, and hell". ie.. Do not tell
another user to 'go to hell'. Do not string together sentences full of these
words to prove a point. Doing so will lead to an immediate banning.
Problems/Questions about the way the board is being run
1) If you have business or questions for moderators regarding board
policy/bannings/etc.... do so via e-mail, not on the board.
2) Arguing with a moderator on the board about
board policy/bannings is grounds for instant banning.
3) Threads protesting the banning of a user such as "Free _______" will be
locked or deleted. Further threads will result in bannings for the offender.
1) Most bans are not permanent, but the length of time is up to the
discretion of the moderators. If you are banned from the site and would like to
know the reason, email the moderators, and ask us. Your ban is not
automatically lifted, it is the user's responsibility to ask the moderators to
remove the ban. Please keep in mind that blasting the moderators or threatening to cancel will not help your cause. If you received an insult, ultimatum or threat, what would your response be?
2) Cumulative offenses or complaints will be taken into account. When considering a banning, the moderators will not only take into account the severity of the rule broken but the prior offenses of the poster. If you are a multiple offender you won't be given the benefit of the doubt and your banning will probably be longer. In extreme cases a permanent ban is possible. If you are constantly on the radar of the moderators, even if you may be technically sliding by the rules, your posting privileges could be removed. If you are warned or banned once, realize that your leash will be much shorter.
3) Once you are banned, re-registering with a new name is grounds for a
permanent ban.
Admins and Moderators
The following users are admins or moderators: Dotcom, MadCow, JMGNole, FireInTheNole, FSUDawg, ShaolinNole, Animal2005,
GlassCityNole, DC Nole, FSU2Times, DynastyNole, Seminole64, Coach Ken Locke, FSU_UCLA, and NoleSoul.