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Pregame Interview: Antone Smth

Pre-game Q&A - Antone Smith:
How has this week of practice gone?
"This week was a great week of practice. Everybody got a lot of work done. Since Monday, we have been paying attention to detail, trying to move fast to be prepared for this game."
What has the atmosphere during practice been like due to the big game?
"The atmosphere hasn't changed. We're practicing just like it's another team or a better opponent, but we haven't really changed anything we do. We're just going to keep on going and working real hard. For this game, we basically just can't make any mistakes. We need to make them pay for it. We just have to focus on not making mistakes and going hard and we will win the game."
Is the greatest attribute of the Wake Forest defense their execution?
"Yeah. I mean, they don't have like one guy that really stands out except for a couple. It's a group of solid guys that go out there and leave it all on the field. Thinking about that, that's what we have to do offensively. We just have to leave it all on the field."
What have you seen on film that you might exploit on Saturday?
"We are trying to exploit everything. It doesn't matter what they are playing, it's not about them, it's about us. Whatever they put out there, we are just going to try to use all our talents to score touchdowns."
What does it do for your season if you win this game?
"We aren't thinking like that. We aren't even thinking about a loss or win right now. We're staying positive. We're just going to go out there and just leave it all out on the field. It's not about the win or the loss, we're just thinking about the positives and just going out there and playing."
You have had some pretty nice running lanes in the first few games, do you expect more of the same?
"I think they will be good. I think the guys up front are very confident, and Coach Trickett has got them ready for this week. We have a lot of receivers that they have to respect so if they want to sit in there and try to blitz us and try to take away the run, hey we can pass. Either way it's a win-win. We just have to go out there and leave it all."
Has establishing the run been something that has been discussed in practice?
"They kind of talked about it a lot. We just are going to do a lot of different things – this and that. Running and passing, a little of everything. I can't really say what the game plan is because I'm not the offensive coordinator."
How different is this team from the team that played two years ago?
"This team right here, we feel like we have a lot of leaders. We are in the top 25 because a few teams dropped out. We're just trying to get back up in the top 10 and play harder and keep going and basically get to the bowl and win as many games as possible – Trying to bring back Florida State."
Is the character and the makeup of the team a lot different from then?
"Yeah, the camaraderie is very good. Everybody hangs around each other, the coaches are around a lot, the freshmen – you look at the freshmen and they are kind of like older guys. The chemistry as a whole has changed. We have the coaches getting up after it. Coach Bowden is walking around the field, and that's a lot different than before. It's great, and it's a good change and a change for the best at Florida State."
How badly do you want revenge against the Demon Deacons?
"I want a lot of revenge. I'm getting trash talked everyday on the phone. I got three teammates up there so I'm getting trash talked everyday about what they are going to do. They are talking about our young offensive line so we are going to try to work as hard as possible, run as hard as possible, whatever it takes to help this team win."
How do you feel the offensive line has been developing in these first few games?
"The weird thing about it is, we haven't really had one steady offensive line. Coach Trickett uses the best guys in there. You got Ryan who plays center from time to time, you got Hudson, you got (Andrew) Datko, and you got Zebrie (Sanders) coming in. We don't really know what were going to do as far as the offensive line goes."
How much does it help getting Preston Parker back?
"It's very big. For our offense, and just for our team. He can help this team be so much better, he can run the ball, he can pass the ball, he can catch the ball, he is a great athlete. He can help on special teams so it's good to have him back."
Is Alphonso Smith the guy that is trash talking the most?
"Not too much from him. I'm getting a lot from Antonio Wilson. He plays defensive end so he is getting up a little bit. He's not really talking trash, he's really just talking about how they are going to go out there and work hard and that's one of the biggest things he has been saying – hope ya'll are ready."
Transcribed by Corey Dowlar
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