Conversation with new FSU basketball commit Cameron Corhen
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Q&A with new FSU basketball commit Cameron Corhen

The Florida State men's basketball team got its 2022 recruiting class rolling this week with a commitment from Cameron Corhen, one of the fastest rising recruits in the country.

Corhen, a 6-9 Kansas prospect who can play in the post or on the wing, took an official visit to FSU earlier this month. On Tuesday, he talked with about his commitment, why he picked the Seminoles, who he's going to help recruit to FSU and more.

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New commit Cameron Corhen is ready to make a splash with the FSU men's basketball team.
New commit Cameron Corhen is ready to make a splash with the FSU men's basketball team. (Ben Golan/

Q: Obviously this was a big decision for you, Cameron, but what was it about Florida State that led you to picking the Seminoles over the countless teams in the mix for you?

A: I like how frequently they are getting dudes to the league. There's always talk about the "blue bloods" and how teams get players to the league. But FSU takes their time developing guys, so when they get to the league, they are very productive in the NBA. Then with their style of play, it resonated with me in switching from 1 through 5. And I like to guard on the floor and use my versatility.

Q: That's the the next thing I was going to ask you. What do you think you do best on the court? Describe your game for those who haven't seen you play?

A: I can shoot the 3 pretty well, but I'm not a guy that just sits on the 3-point line. I can post people up and still break people down when taking the ball to the basket. I can do things at all three levels -- ball-handling, scoring and stretching teams out with the outside shot.

Q: What are some areas of your game that you'd like to improve on?

A: Honestly, putting the ball on the floor and creating my shot more. I've been a really good catch-and-shoot guy for awhile. So I know in college they are going to try and run you off the line behind the arc, so I want to be better about creating my shot. I shoot in the 40-percent range at the 3- point line.

Q: You took an official visit to Florida State this past weekend before you committed. What did you see on the official that impressed you?

A: What stood out to me was how I resonated with the coaches and connected with them. They were all genuine. They weren't used-car salesmen, which some coaches are like. Plus they had proof about what they were telling me. So I really loved the coaching staff.

Q: Along with loving the coaches, what were some of the highlights of the official visit?

A: We went to the football game, and that was fun. We actually thought it was going towards a blowout, so we left. But then we went out to dinner at some roof-top place. Played video games. It's so cool how great the players were. I hung out with Jalen Warley, Matthew Cleveland and "Duke" (Naheem McLeod). Duke is probably my favorite guy. He's very personable. He's a guy that is in the middle of the party dancing, so he's very personable. I love it.

Q: So looking ahead to the future, did FSU's coaches give you an idea of how they hope to use you in their system?

A: They rotate a lot of dudes. I like that a lot. A lot of people negative-recruited FSU because of so much rotation, but with the way they play, everyone is going to always be fresh. And you get the best out of everyone. Coach Hamilton explained it really well with the way we play. We aren't just going to walk the ball up the floor and run a bunch of sets. We are going to hoop. I really like the rotation. FSU doesn't have defined positions, but they see me as a [Mfiondu] Kabengele who can shoot a little better.

Q: FSU has had such a good run in recent years. What are you expecting from them this year?

A: I think they are going to be really good. It's more than just them being talented. I feel the practices are really intense -- not to mention the walk-on players are treated like stars. Everyone is treated the same, so it's a great chemistry with each other. I think they will do really well and go far in the tournament.

Q: Lastly Cam, I have to ask who you are recruiting to join you at FSU. Do you have some guys that you're talking to about coming with you to Tallahassee?

A: Dillon Mitchell, that's my dude. I met him on our visit. He was on an unofficial visit, and I was on my official visit, and we connected a lot. I have also been texting with him a lot. I've seen him play, and he is tough. I think he likes it a lot at FSU, and he's really feeling it.


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