QA: Weatherford on his scrimmage performance

Seminole quarterback Drew Weatherford turned in another impressive performance in Tuesday's scrimmage completing 8-of-11 for 166 yards and a 48-yard touchdown. The sophomore signal-caller spoke to the media after the scrimmage about his performance, Chris Davis' amazing day, how he has handled with the blitz better, his early thoughts on Miami and more.
On the offense in the scrimmage:
"I thought we did well. We had a lot of big plays but then again we had a lot of errors that we need to clean up. We had two holding penalties. We had some communication errors in the huddle that we need to clean up. We did make big plays and made up for a lot of mistakes that we had."
On handling the blitz this year as compared to last:
"I am much more comfortable under the blitz and the offensive line is doing a much better job of picking up the blitz. When linebackers are coming we have enough men to block typically and I do not have to necessarily throw to my first read because they are picking it up and we can hurt them down the field. When they do blitz I do feel much more comfortable just from experience and from seeing all different kinds of blitzes last year, during the spring, and now two-a-days."
On Chris Davis having a big day continuing a solid preseason and possibly leading up to a big season for the senior wide receiver:
"The sky is the limit for that kid. He is awesome. He is an all-around great receiver who understands the game very well. Besides all of his abilities his greatest attribute to our offense is that he understands how to run routes and I feel really comfortable with him. I know what he is going to do before he does it. We have hooked up several times and I think he is going to have a big year."
Jeff Bowden mentioned that Davis has been the one guy that is consistently dependable, do you feel the same way:
"Yeah, he has been the MVP of two-a-days in my book, besides the offensive line. He and the offensive line have done a great job. I don't see him slowing down anytime soon."
On whether or not the knowledge of what Chris Davis will do before he does it is a new trait for him:
"We have always had good chemistry together but we worked real hard in the off-season together. A lot of times we would do one-on-ones I would throw to him 90 % of the time. We created a lot of chemistry together over the summer and it is carrying over into two-a-days."
On if he feels the same comfort level with Greg Carr:
"Yeah, all of my receivers, I feel really, really comfortable with (them). Chris (Davis) has probably the greatest intellectual knowledge of the game or he understands defenses the best and he is playing a position where he kind of has to. He is playing the slot and when we get down at the goal line he has to do a lot more reading of defenses and make more decisions mentally than anybody else does."
On whether he feels comfortable on any passing play at the goal line that Chris Davis will be able to get open and make the catch as he has consistently during two-a-days:
"Yeah, I would feel comfortable with anybody but they just seem to not be able to stop him down there. We come up with a play to him, the defense tries to stop it, and Chris somehow makes it happen every time. It is really comforting knowing that the guy is open most of the time."
On whether or not he scales it back during the final 10 days prior to the Miami game:
"No, the green jersey kind of does that for me. I don't approach any day any differently now that the season is closer. I am gearing myself more towards Miami. I am watching more Miami film than I am of myself against our defense. I am trying to get mentally prepared for that. Other than that, that is the only difference."
On whether or not he keeps up with Miami's preseason at all:
"No, I don't pay attention to what everybody is saying whether it is positive or negative. I just watch the stuff from their spring game that I have and all the games last year and just try to learn from the things they did last year. They have the same defensive coordinator coming back so everything should be pretty similar."
On the necessity of having an offense that is clicking going into the Miami game is even more important with the talented defense that Miami will put on the field:
"Yeah, their defense is going to be one of the best defenses in the country and we know that. They are year in and year out. They have a lot of experience. They always have a lot of talent but they have a lot of guys coming back and they were the hardest defense I played against last year and we are going to have to be ready. We are going to have to be ready the first play of the first quarter to come out and execute, if we don't and we make one mistake that could be the ballgame."
On the likelihood of starting his first game in Miami at the Orange Bowl and the meaning of such a start to him:
"It is going to feel great. It is something that I have looked forward to for a long time. I have always dreamed of running out onto Doak Campbell but I have also always dreamed about quarterbacking Florida State and running out on Miami's field. It is going to be a great feeling. It is going to be a dream come true and I am looking forward to taking advantage of it and hopefully coming out with a victory."
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