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Rookie Preview: David Spurlock

Most athletes have nicknames that they picked up along the way. One member of Florida State's incoming recruiting class, Corey Surrency, picked up the name "Smurf" from his mother. Three-star offensive lineman David Spurlock is better known as "block" by his friends, or "blockhead" by his uncle. It's a name that stuck and a name he will carry with him to Florida State.
The 6-foot-4, 287-pound guard from Murfreesboro, Tennessee is scheduled to arriving on FSU's campus on June 22nd. But until then, it's all about getting faster, stronger, and quicker.
"We have a thing up here called D-1 sporting," said Spurlock. "They train combine people and I've been working out five days a week and have been running everyday. We work out for about three hours, split up agility, running and core work. Wednesday is pass blocking. I've lost weight and put on muscle. I've upped my max (bench) to 325 (pounds)."
Spurlock knows that he won't have to take a redshirt this season. That's because the 'Noles need all the help they can get on the offensive line.
"I talked to Coach (Rick) Trickett last week, he was telling me that I need to be prepared," said Spurlock. "I can't wait to get out of Tennessee and get down there and get some playing time. He said I'm second team left guard right now. He said I probably won't redshirt."
The Riverdale (HS) star says he knew he was a 'Nole on his official visit. It was a meeting with Bobby Bowden and Rick Trickett that sealed the deal and made Spurlock leave Tennessee and head to Florida.
"There are not that many people that have the opportunity to play for Coach Bowden," said Spurlock, "Everybody I talk to is glad I'm going there."
When he's not working out and getting ready for school, you can usually find Spurlock fishing. An avid fisherman, the three-star lineman says he'll fish anywhere.
"Anywhere you can catch fish," said Spurlock.
Spurlock is no longer playing basketball, and is now focusing all of his attention on football. And that dedication and preparation has him playing division one football.
"My run blocking is very good. My team didn't pass a lot so I'm working on that. I have quick feet and I'm really aggressive," said Spurlock.
As for his knowledge of FSU history, there's not much. Spurlock says he's not much of a sports junkie and didn't pay much attention to anyone until a few years ago.
"I didn't get into watching sports until about two years ago when I watched college football. I like playing it more than watching it," said Spurlock.
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