Rookie Preview: Nigel Carr

Nigel Carr is a man on a mission. The four-star linebacker is coming to Florida State with bad intentions. Not bad for the 'Noles, bad for everyone else.
"I'm coming to play, right now I'm in the best shape of my life," said Carr. "I'm back down to 227 (pounds), I'm ready to play. I feel like a lot of people think I'll be redshirted, I'm fittin' to shock everyone."
So that answers the question, does the First Coast high school linebacker feel he'll be redshirted in 2008?
"I'm not redshirting," said an emphatic Carr. "The only way I don't play is if I get injured. I'm hungry."
This spring, the 6-foot-3, 227-pound linebacker is working out, getting ready for his freshman season at FSU. Carr is a man who likes to keep to himself, but did open up during spring break when he spent the entire week in Tallahassee learning all about the Seminole program.
"I talk to Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey and (Chuck) Amato," said Carr. "I was there my whole spring break going over stuff, learning new things and I'm coming to play.
"I went for me so I can learn for me so I can have an advantage. Me spending that whole week, I watched film and being in the meetings. I watched Dekoda Watson, seeing what he does. The real reason I went there was to learn."
While Carr's high school teammates Avis Commack and Jermaine Thomas will share a room at Florida State, Carr says he plans on rooming with Rivals100 athlete Jarmon Fortson. The duo hung out at the spring game and decided to share a room at Burt Reynolds hall his fall. That's when the two realized how much they have in common and how badly they want to step on the field at Doak Campbell Stadium.
"I haven't played football in a minute," said Carr, "I miss it so much I'm going to go crazy. I'll accomplish my goal of playing in at FSU uniform. It's what I wanted to do since I was a kid."
The four-star linebacker says he hopes to wear jersey No. 12 at FSU, but says it's not up to him what number he wears. But if he performs well enough, Carr will be able to wear whatever number he chooses.
"I think they will be surprised to see how I play this year," he said. "I'm just Nigel, that's all I am.
"A lot of people think that First Coast has a history of college athletes not doing anything. We worked so hard, we are fitting to show everybody we're for real."
But more than anything, the blue chip linebacker is looking forward to a chance to play in front of his family and friends in Jacksonville. The 'Noles return to the First Coast this year against Colorado on September 27th and it's a game that Carr has circled on his calendar for obvious reasons.
"I'm pumped for that," said Carr, "for me to play in Jacksonville my first year coming out of high school. I want to go to the ACC Championship in Tampa, I was born there but stayed in Jacksonville. My goal is to play in Tampa and Jacksonville this year. Everyone is asking for tickets for the Colorado game, but I tell them I can't get them right now."
Carr finished with 133 tackles in his senior season at First Coast high school in Jacksonville.
Lee Gordon is an Anchor/Reporter at WCTV in Tallahassee. Prior to his return to the Capital City, Lee spent three years as a Sports Anchor/Reporter at WTEV-WAWS in Jacksonville and prior to that was Sports Director at WCTV from 2000-2004. Lee has worked for for 5 years and brings over a decade of experience to our staff.
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