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Rookie Preview: Rhonne Sanderson

Rick Trickett likes his offensive lineman slim and trim and he's making sure the message is loud and clear. Down at Plant high school, Rhonne Sanderson knows what he has to do, and that's to shed a few pounds. And that's exactly what he's doing as the two-star lineman is down to about 285-290 pounds.
"I've been running and lifting with a trainer and stay in shape for summer workout," said Sanderson. "Coach Trickett came down not too long ago and said not to get any bigger and to stay slim."
The 6-foot-4 lineman has seen a lot of the Seminole coaching staff lately. That's because Trickett, Lawrence Dawsey, and Jimbo Fisher have spent a lot of time at Plant high school talking to quarterback Aaron Murray and tight end Orson Charles. Murray is already committed to Georgia while Charles, according to Sanderson, continues to change his mind on a daily basis.
"Every now and then he'll come down to my school, with Coach Dawsey and Coach Fisher," said Sanderson. "I'll get called out of school to talk about the upcoming season or the depth chart and how hard I'll have to work. Other times I'll call them on their cell."
There was a lot of talk about Sanderson redshirting or possibly even gray-shirting this year, but with the lack of depth at offensive line, both of those options are probably out the door.
"I'm real excited. I want to play ASAP if I can," said Sanderson. "I'm starting off second string, that's pretty good. He told me I wouldn't redshirt or grayshirt.
"I'm excited because I want to be the number one guy for the position, but you have to earn that spot. If you can do it freshman year, that's great."
As a freshman, Sanderson will room with FSU's top offensive lineman, Rodney Hudson. The two haven't talked yet but plan to as they both prepare for summer drills. It's just one of many things that excite Sanderson about FSU.
"Meeting my teammates and getting to know the place a little bit and get my classes started," he said. "I want to work towards my degree (sports medicine or engineering) and get ready for the upcoming season."
Playing at FSU was always in the cards for the Plant High School lineman. He grew up a fan, his dad always cheered fro the Seminoles and all he's ever known is Garnet and Gold.
"Big Seminoles fan growing up," said Sanderson, "just watching them play the games with my dad on TV and my older brother. I've always been a Seminole fan."
But there's one thing you should know about Sanderson and it's a nickname that has carried on a life of its own. Since he's an offensive lineman, his specialty is pancakes. And after a few of them, some of his friends started calling him "I-Hop" and then everyone did it.
"Some of my friends call my I-Hop because of the pancakes," said Sanderson. "As an offensive lineman getting pancakes they say I-Hop makes pancakes. I just laugh when I hear it. After I play if I pancake a dude, they yell I-Hop. It's kinda weird."
Lee Gordon is an Anchor/Reporter at WCTV in Tallahassee. Prior to his return to the Capital City, Lee spent three years as a Sports Anchor/Reporter at WTEV-WAWS in Jacksonville and prior to that was Sports Director at WCTV from 2000-2004. Lee has worked for Warchant.com for 5 years and brings over a decade of experience to our staff.
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