Summer QA: Andre Fluellen

Defensive lineman Andre Fluellen spent his first season at Florida State getting used to college and learning the system - in other words, a redshirt. Fluellen was also busy focusing on academics as he is planning on eventually going to medical school. That wasn’t the only place he was being taught new lessons, as he was also learning on the field. The Cartersville, Georgia product spent the spring learning both noseguard and defensive tackle taking what he could from the tutelage of Brodrick Bunkley and Travis Johnson. caught up with Fluellen on Monday to see how his summer is going and find out what his expectations are for the upcoming season.
Q: How has your summer been?
Fluellen: Summer has been real good. I have made a lot of improvements basically where I really wanted to so it all depends on this fall if I get to play or not.
Q: How has school been going for you this summer?
Fluellen: School has been going very good.
Q: Did you take any classes during the summer?
Fluellen: Yeah, I am taking 9 hours this summer.
Q: What were some of the things that you set out to improve upon during the off-season?
Fluellen: Basically it was my strength and speed. More of it had to do with my strength than anything.
Q: What is your weight currently at?
Fluellen: I am at 272.
Q: What weight are you hoping to be at when the season begins?
Fluellen: I want to be around probably 280 or 285 on opening day.
Q: What position do you plan to line up at this coming season?
Fluellen: I plan to most likely line up at noseguard this coming season.
Q: What do you think of this defensive line as a whole?
Fluellen: Basically we have been working together a lot so it is almost like a family relationship with what we have. The most notable is Travis (Johnson) because he has been working real hard. Also, (Brodrick) Bunkley has been a real good leader.
Q: What is it that makes Travis Johnson and Brodrick Bunkley such good leaders?
Fluellen: Basically, there are a lot of times after practice or after running where we don’t want to do stuff but they call us together and just make us go the extra step.
Q: What will it be like for you when you finally step on the field on September 6th?
Fluellen: I really don’t even know how to say it at this point. I have never experienced that so we will just have to see when it comes around.
Fluellen's persistence at learning new things and becoming a better player have not gone unnoticed by his teammates.
“Andre is a work horse,” noseguard Bunkley notes. “Andre Fluellen, Chris Bradwell, and Clifton Dickson, all of those guys came in together but Andre caught on quicker than everybody else. He is a work horse as he is dedicated to what he does and he tries hard at everything. I like his style.”
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