The Ponder Diary - Entry No. 1

The Christian Ponder Diary - Week 1
Former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder will check in with from time to time to bring fans up to date on his preparations for the April NFL Draft
First Entry - Looking back on the Senior Bowl experience: It was a long week, very demanding. I didn't realize it would be that way. Football wise, it wasn't bad. The practices were only an hour and a half and not very demanding. The hard part was the mental part. I met with pretty much everyone. After we get done with practice around 4 or 5 the meetings started at 5:30. A lot of times you don't get done until 10:30 or 11 at night. You always had to be on top of your game. By the end of the week I was exhausted. It was long but it paid off. I enjoyed myself and prepared myself all month to get there and took advantage of it.
I knew in the past it was split up evenly. With three quarterbacks, I didn't know how it would be split up. I started the game and took two series, Greg took two, Andy was supposed to do three but he got hurt so he wasn't able to finish. Greg broke a bone in his hand so I had to play the whole fourth quarter. It's ironic with all the injuries to me, that I'm the only healthy quarterback on the South roster. It was good to go back in there, I was playing well.
I had no idea, I knew I was playing so well. The guy that was in charge of it came up and said to go with him because I was the MVP. I got a trophy. Apparently, the MVP used to get a cruise but the NCAA stepped in and said they couldn't do it anymore. I got a nice little trophy and had to give it back so they can engrave it.
We stayed (in Mobile, AL) Saturday night and went to eat with my dad, flew back Sunday morning. Got in and took yesterday off. I checked in and messed around, but I took some nice naps to recover. Back at it today (Tuesday), two workouts today. I got to throw with Tim Tebow. That was cool to meet him. He signed with my agent as well and worked with the quarterback coach that I'm working with. He's a great guy and definitely someone I look up to for what he's done. At the same time he's still a Florida Gator!
This week, I'm staying here (Arizona). There's a chance I might go to the Super Bowl. There's a skills competition for ESPN, they might invite me. If they do, I'll go out the night before. Looks like I'm staying here right now. The Phoenix Open is here, that'll be nice to check out the golf tournament. I'll continue to work out and get ready for the combine.
It's been awhile, for me, I didn't get to experience signing day because I enrolled early. I enrolled in January, but even at Florida State it's such a big deal. I remember getting on Warchant to see who's committing. They make a huge deal out of it. It's pretty cool and an exciting time for Florida State.