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The Ponder Diary - Entry No. 2

The Christian Ponder Diary - Week 2
For the next couple months, former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder will check in from time to time to bring fans up to date on his preparations for the April NFL Draft
Second Entry - There hasn't been a whole lot new going on since the Senior Bowl. We are continuing our workouts twice a day Monday-Friday and just a morning workout on Saturday. I have started working on my Pro Day workout with Coach Mazzone, which is our biggest focus right now. I can definitely feel we have been going hard for six straight weeks but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is pretty surreal that the NFL Combine is right around the corner. It is something that I have been watching and dreaming about taking part of since I was in Middle School. I have heard of how much of a grind the Combine is but I am definitely ready for it.
I had the chance to check out the Phoenix Open last weekend. The golf is far from the focus at this tournament. It is just a huge party that happens to be at a golf course while a tournament is going on. I went on Saturday and I heard there was an attendance of around 150,000 people. It was nuts but I had a great time with JJ Watt and Kris O'dowd.
We also had a half day on Wednesday so Blaine Gabbert, AJ Green, and I hooked up with a fishing guide out on Lake Pleasant in the afternoon. We only caught four fish in five hours so it wasn't too great of a day but we definitely enjoyed the time out on the water. I love to fish and really only have time to do so during the summer so it was great to get a quick trip in.
I have fallen in love with Arizona. The weather is unbelievable. It got a little chilly last week but it has been sunny and in the mid 70s the past couple days.
A normal day for me starts at 8:30 when I get up and head to API and eat breakfast before our workout. We have a personal chef that prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us. Each meal is made to our personal nutritional needs
so we are pretty spoiled. After breakfast, our workout starts at 10. We spend 45 minutes to an hour outside doing speed and agility work and then another 45 minutes inside lifting weights. Then the quarterbacks throw with the receivers for an hour at 11:30 and then have lunch. We have a two our window after lunch to relax so Blaine and I usually get our Call of Duty fix in. We head back and have another speed/agility session and another weight session. Then I meet with my quarterback coach to do an hour of positional work and get some film in as well. I usually head home around 6:30 to relax and hit the sack around 10 to start it all over the next day.
I didn't get the chance to make it to the Super Bowl but I was able to watch the first half at a local restaurant and then headed to my quarterback coach's house to watch the second half. It was obviously a great game and the better team won. Aaron Rogers played extremely well as he had done all of playoffs but the defense put Green Bay in the position to win.
I have kept in touch with a few teammates like Ochuko and E.J. has Tweeted at me a few times. The time chance screws things up so there isn't a large window to keep in touch with guys as the team is just as busy as I am.
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