football referral program

displayText='Facebook'> Referral Program
Get up to three free months added to your subscription and free
FSU gear in our Team
Store when you refer a friend, relative or even a stranger to
Here's how it works.
Just refer anyone to and get them to sign
up for a subscription. If they sign up for a monthly subscription you will
receive a free month added to your current account AND a $10 gift certificate
to the Team
Store. If the person you refer signs up for an annual subscription, you get
three free months on AND a $25 gift
certificate to the
href="">Team Store (that's over a
$50 value!).*
Once your friend signs up, just send an email to
href=""> and make sure to
include your username and the username and full name of the person you referred. Once
the 7-day free trail period passes, we'll send you the code to claim your Team
Store gift certificate and add the free month or months to your current account.
That's it!
If you have any questions please email us at
href=""> or
* The referral program only count towards new subscribers that subscribe
past the 7-day free trail period.