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Deal ends when supplies run out or at midnight ET, Monday, Aug. 14 (whichever comes first)

Deal ends on Monday, Aug. 14, or when supplies run out, whichever comes first.

Florida State kicks things off in the greatest season opener in college football history. To get yourself fully prepared for the exciting opener vs. No. 1 Alabama and the 2017 season we've got the ultimate package for the die-hard Seminole fan.

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Supplies are limited. Once the items are gone, the promotion ends!

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- This promotion applies only to new annual subscriptions.

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- * Shipping of the the Warchant.com T-Shirt and Tumbler will begin at the end of August. So it may be several weeks until you receive these items. Please confirm your mailing address and shirt size with us at support@warchant.com. Supplies are limited so we can't guarantee your exact shirt size will be available.

- This promotion ends when supplies of the promotional items run out OR at midnight ET on Monday, Aug. 14 (whichever comes first - no exceptions).

- Questions about the special promotion, or if you haven't received your gift certificate code email support@warchant.com.