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Warchant Technical FAQ

Warchant Technical FAQ
Here are some solutions to commonly asked technical questions. If you have any other questions or are still having trouble send us an email:

Watching Videos
NOTE: uses two different players for showing videos - the Warchant TV Player and the Player. Because there are less compatibility issues, we mostly use the Warchant TV player but occasionally it is necessary to use the player.
I can't see the video on my computer
If you're seeing a big blank (white) area where the video should be that means that your browser is failing to load the player. Ensure that your Shockwave-Flash plug-in is working properly. You can test it here:

Make sure you empty your web browsers cache or temporary internet files.
Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Delete... (button) > Temporary Internet files (check) > Delete (button)
Google Chrome: Tools (icon) > Options > Under the Hood > Clear browsing data... (button) > Empty the cache (check) > Clear browsing data (button)
Mozilla Firefox: Tools > Clear recent history > Details (arrow button) > Cache (check) > Clear now

If your browser supports HTML5, it could be rendering the video in a non-flash/shockwave format. If you are seeing a QuickTime logo with a question mark where the video should be, you need to
update your Apple QuickTime player. You can do that here:

If you still can't see the video, send us an email:

I can't see the Videos on my iPhone/iPad/Android device
Videos played through the player are not compatible with iPhones and iPads. To alleviate this, we will post most of our videos in our Warchant TV player. If you are having trouble
watching Warchant TV videos on your iPad or iPhone, make sure you are online and have a strong wireless or 3G signal.

Android devices should play the Rivals videos, however some versions of the Android browser have had issues with it. The "Skyfire" browser will play the Rivals videos just fine. It is a free app
found under "Market" on your Android device.

The video starts and stops repeatedly
This is due to a slow connection on your end. The video starts and stops when it is playing faster than it is loading. You can press the "pause" button and let the video buffer for a minute or two.
That will allow you to watch it with less interruption.

Receiving Text Alerts from
NOTE: provides free text alerts on FSU athletics and recruiting, including score updates for football, baseball and basketball, for annual subscribers. This service is only available to annual subscribers. If you wish to upgrade to an annual subscription go here: Annual subscription. At this time, text messages are not supported for T-Mobile users. Full Text Alert F&Q.
I'm not receiving the 600600 text messages.
Make sure you're signed up for text alerts and are setup to receive them. You can check your status and text alert settings here.

Viewing on your phone/smart phone
How do I access the mobile/wireless version of Warchant?
You can access the wireless version of at this URL:
Where can I find an app for has official apps for Android and iPhones and other smart devices. More information and links to download's app

Viewing Photo Galleries
NOTE: Most photo galleries are now being placed on our Zenfolio platform. We do this because we are able to load much larger photos and the images look better than the current gallery setup for photos on
I would like to be able to download the photos.
For most galleries, you should be able to download the photo for personal use. Look for the "download" link right above the photo. NOTE: Please only use photos for personal use and do not re-display or publish them elsewhere (unless you are just posting them on They are copyright protected photos and may not be used for commercial use or on websites outside of the network without our permission.
I can't find the password to view the photos
Some photo galleries are password protected and are for subscribers only. You will have to go to and find the page that links to the gallery for the password. If you are having a problem finding the lead-in page that contains the password, go to the story index page and type in the date of the gallery. on Facebook & Twitter
In addition to getting your FSU sports fix on, you can get updates from on both Facebook and Twitter. The official Facebook site is / On Twitter follow us by going to TWITTER - @warchant.