Warchant TV: 2012 Guard Montay Brandon on Commitment

Warchant TV: 2012 Guard Montay Brandon on Commitment
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We're here with FSU new commitment High Point, NC guard Montay Brandon. Talk about why you decided to end it now. I know when we previously talked, you were going take some visits before deciding.
I can't really tell you, it just hit me. I had a 1-on-1 with Coach Hamilton. We had a good conversation. Me and Coach Gates were riding the elevator and I told him 'I want to be a Seminole.' I don't want to wait any more.
What stood out about FSU? What sold you on them? I know they have been you leader for awhile.
Just the 1-on-1 talk, the playing time, and how they felt I was the guy for them.
Where are they going to use you at?
1,2,3. Every position really. Use my versatility to my advantage.
Talk about you as a 1 (guard). What do you do there, what do you bring to the table?
Be great for others. Post up. Make the game easier for everyone.
Then the 2 guard, that's something you've worked on a lot.
From the 2 position, I still feel I can still play the 1-2, get the rebounds, and just go. Get buckets for them.
Then you have the 3 position, which you wouldn't have any trouble because of your size and athletic ability.
3 is basically the same as a 2, same approach.
We talked about this before, your close relationship with Coach Gates, your main recruiter. Talk about your relationship.
My first name is Akulys, not many people know that. So every time he sees me, he'll call me Akulys and stuff. But my nickname, he calls me 'Mo' all the time. He's always joking with me. He's always testing me.
What made that relationship so strong?
Once I got to talking with him about my daily life, going to the movies, anything like that, I mean, we ended up talking about Plant of the Apes, so ever since then it's been cool.
Now you got the chance to meet with the rest of the staff, talk about that personal meeting with Coach Hamilton.
It was perfect. Everything Coach Gates and told me, what Coach Hamilton told me he told me in person. Honesty and everything. It mean a lot.
What did you like about Coach Hamilton the most
He's funny. Coach Hamilton is funny. That's what I liked the most.
What kind of things stood out about his humor?
Ah,let me see. We were talking about Ian (Miller). How he was out of shape as a freshman, how he was breathing all heavy during drills and stuff. How he couldn't walk He reenacted it. I can't reenact it. It was funny though.
Talk about the visit a little bit. What kinds of things did you see.
I saw their workouts, saw some of that. Weightlifting. Just saw how hard they work. How each player has their own specific workout. I just look forward to being part of the team.
Talk about their offense a little bit.
The offense is free. The more you show Coach Hamilton you can do, the less plays you have to run.
Which players did you hang out with on your visit?
I hung out with Ian the most. North Carolina. I hung out with Terry and all of them.
What did Ian mainly tell you?
FSU culture, mainly college life. Stuff I need to look out for. School work, class work.
What else did you do for the weekend (basketball stuff).
We just hung out and stuff.
What was your impression of Tallahassee and FSU in general?
Once I got off the plane I just wanted to smell the air. See what it smelled like. See if you could smell the salt in the air. I was impressed with everything. I like how Tallahassee is a college town. It's Florida State here, there isn't another team.
Now the most exciting part for you is probably the football game.
It was crazy. They don't ever sit down. You have to stand up the whole time. I do all the chants and stuff. I learned some of them. It was crazy, I liked it a lot.
Which chants did you learn?
Basically I just used my hand the whole time (does the chop)
What did you think of the atmosphere?
It was crazy (laughing). That is the one word I have.
Now were you on the sidelines, in the stands...?
We were down on the field at first, then came up during the game. I actually got some of it on camera, when he was on the horse and came through and planted the spear. That was crazy, so I had to get it on camera.
Did you expect that, have you heard about it before?
Ian told me what was going to happen, so I just recorded it.
Now, talk about some of the factors that went into picking FSU.
First, I picked FSU because of Coach Hamilton's record with guys like me. I want to make it to the next level. I also picked FSU because of the campus. It is real laid back. It's not loud. It's cool, it's chill. Just the atmosphere. The sports atmosphere. Like I said, it's the only team around here, and the students here love their sports. Especially basketball and football.
Do you still plan on taking the Missouri and Tennessee visits?
No, I'm done.
Is it a relief not to have to worry about it any more?
Yes, it's a relief. All done now. I'm ready to call this place my home.
Talk about your plans now, as far as the season coming up.
Right now at my school, we have a weightlifting program, conditioning, pre-season stuff. First game of the season is November 11 at Wesleyan Christian Academy. I've been looking forward to that. Should be crazy.
When you get here, you'll be playing teams in your area like NC State and North Carolina. What's that going to be like?
It's going to be fun. I look forward to getting those buckets.
Is that going to be more pressure for you to perform or is it going to be a fun, family atmosphere?
It's going to be fun. I'm going to like it a lot.
FSU still has targets out there, are you going to try and call some others to join you?
Yea, I'm going to try and call some height. We need some height. I'm going to see what I can do with that.
Got any guys picked out?
Going to try and call Alex Poythress. See what he's going to do. I know he already has his top five.
Joel James was on the visit with you. Talk about him a little bit.
He's big. It's crazy. He's just big and solid. He's just like a machine.
How much have you worked on him this weekend?
I've been trying. I think he'll end up coming.