Warchant TV: Bjoern Werner on the defensive effort vs. OU

Warchant TV: Bjoern Werner on the defensive effort vs. Oklahoma
Comments on the play of the defense
I'm so proud of the defense and the offense. Clint Trickett came in as a backup, just got thrown in, did a great job. The defense did a great job, we fell short, but it was a great experience to play number one. It was really great and we'll learn from it.
Can you compare what you did one year ago against Oklahoma to what you did today?
Last year was out second game in the scheme and everybody needs time to live up to their scheme, you know what I'm saying? So we were going to be better than alst year. People doubted us, but we showed them. We can be a great defense.
So what does this tell you about your defense for the rest of the season?
A lot. It tell us a lot. We're not going to see such a great offense-we saw really great offense tonight by Landry Jones and company, no huddle, quick passes, they know how to do stuff.
Talk about what adjustments you made to hold them after their first drive.
At first they went 80 yards on us, but we came off the field and knew we had them. Last year they scored right away in two minutes or whatever and we knew, they got short yardage and short yardage and they did a great job, but after that second series we slowed them down and knew we had them. And if we could slow them down, we were gonna do a great job.
Talk about how important the noise and the crowd was.
It was a great feeling. My body was shaking. I felt so much energy. I never felt so much energy before. I'm not even tired right now and that was a physical game. The students gave me goosebumps when I was on the field and I hope they're going to continue to do that for the next home games.
Do you take a lot of encouragement from the way you played them this year?
Yes, sir. Defensively we did a great job and offensively we did a great job. It was a close game. It was a number one team and they're a number one team for a reason and I am really proud of the way we played.
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