Warchant TV: Clint Trickett on his FSU debut 1st TD

Warchant TV: Clint Trickett on his FSU debut
Transcript of Tuesday's interview with Clint Trickett
Talk about how neat it was to see Rashad Greene running in the endzone with your first college pass.
It was really neat. I saw him break a tackle and score and was for a second like, what just happened? And I wasn't expecting it and I looked at Datko and Datko was cheering and was like, 'just jump up on me.' So I jumped up with him and it was great. Rashad is just a great player and he made a great play.
Were you surprised with your dad [Coach Rick Trickett's] reaction?
I didn't see him react. The first reaction I got from him was he came up to me and said something typical for him, a response and I cant really say it. So I was like, that's typical and someone said I heard your dad teared up and then I saw it and he is my dad, so that's part of it.
That was on the sideline, when you heard?
No it was after the game.
When did you see it [the reaction]?
I saw it when I went home and they were showing it. I saw how much he cared and I'm not gonna let him down, I'm gonna work hard from now on. It gave me more motivation for sure.
How much was the throw in that situation and how much was Rashad?
It was all Rashad. Coach Fisher got mad when I said it was all Rashad and he said, 'no, you did some things there.' But no, it was all Rashad. He made a play, I just gave him the ball.
Was that a moment between you guys?
Yeah, he makes me look good in practice and he makes me look good in games. He's a good player, obviously.
Will this week be any different for you because you'll probably get a lot of playing time?
We'll see. We expected last week, maybe this week. You never know when you're gonna play so you always gotta focus. Maybe EJ goes down, maybe he doesn't. You just gotta focus on the next game and take it game by game.
Seeing Christian get hurt a lot last season and watching EJ go in, did that focus you?
Absolutely. I mean, there hasn't been a time in the past four or five years when the backup hasn't had a game come down to him and you never know when that game is and you don't want to slack off one week and that could be the week. You have to go in every game as if you're the starter.
Is this game going to be a good learning experience?
We'll see how the game goes and if we get in, if the young guys get in, well do our best like we do in practice. We're focusing on Charleston Southern.
It's different though, at games rather than practice.
Absolutely. The spring game was an experience. When I got in during the game I thought I would pay more attention to the crowd since it was an actual game, but it's still football, but there's a little difference. You get more hyped up.
EJ talked about his nerves before the game. Did you have nerves?
I was kinda concerned before the game but I was kinda calm and I feel like I should be more nervous, cause I kinda expect to play. When I started to warm-up I started to feel it. It was good to feel it and I got out there and the guys were cracking jokes in the huddle before the play so that kind of loosened me up. I had a little nerves but not as much as I expected.
Was it a relief that the play went for six?
Relief and shock because I didn't expect that to happen.
Did EJ give you any advice?
We talked throughout the game, what they're doing, blitz and coverage wise. We stayed in the game and throughout the game we were talking.
What did he say after the TD?
Hey not a bad way to start off. Better lucky than good. He was congratulatory so that was nice.
When Coach Fisher talks with EJ about what they're seeing, do you understand all of that?
I do, I see what he sees and stuff. Obviously its different when you get out there with the pressure and everything but if he says that he saw something I can see that.
Were you surprised at your dad's reaction?
Yeah I kind of was. I was surprised but it was a good memory and it will be a good memory for a while.
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