Warchant TV: Everett Dawkins on matching up vs. OUs offense

Warchant TV: Everett Dawkins talks about dealing with OU's high powered offense
Talk about the buzz around campus this week.

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Lot of people talking about it in class, teachers talking about the game in class and the students and all kind of stuff. Just asking general questions about it. Excitement is there.
People asking for tickets?
I've got people asking me from China. But they only give us four for the game and there aren't gonna be any extra. I heard student tickets went out in 15 minutes. I had friends hit me up, asking, but I can't do anything about it.
Can you feel the excitement on the team?
I think you can. You can see it in people's eyes and you chat about it here and there. They're a team that played a great game against us last year, so of course there's gonna be a lot of talk about it.
How much did last year's game impact you?
You try to forget about it. It was something that happened in the past so you try to forget about it, but at the same time its gets you feisty. You know, fired up during the week, to push hard when you get tired because you remember last year. And you do what you gotta do in practice.
What did you get by watching the film so many times?
I think, we watched it many times and ready for it. This time coming up it will be a whole different scenario on the field and we'll put things together. Hopefully come away with the win.
What's it like playing against such a fast offense?
If you watch them on film you can actually see how high powered their offense is. You don't really know until you look at it on film. Even from the stands you can't see what you can see on film. In ten seconds they can do another play and you just gotta get ready for it. Gotta get conditioned for it and we're working on that.
Do you think a sold-out Doak Campbell Stadium will help the defense?
I think it will. When we played Florida last year it gotta pretty loud so I'm sure the fans will bring that same intensity. Hopefully that will be able to help us out a little bit. Noise by the fans definitely helps out. Sometimes it's even hard to hear ourselves, I think it helps a lot.
What do you have to do on the defensive line when going against an up-tempo offense?
You need to make sure you play technique-wise and run toward the ball. Make plays and unless somebody messes up on the block and you get a free shot on the quarterback, you just gotta play consistent.
Is an offense that is hard to simulate in practice?
With something like that you have to experience it to actually know what it feels like. Last year coach Stoops told us this is a high powered offense but we figured we played against other good teams before so I'm pretty sure It's not that big a deal. Then you play against them and you know he wasn't lying. These guys are fast. This year everybody knows (what they do on offense).
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