Warchant TV: Fisher on day one of spring practice

Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher on the first day of spring practice
Interview transcript
Opening comments:
Good day, effort was good. A little rusty, you can tell we haven't played in awhile. Mentality was good, knowing what to do was really good. I was pleased with, especially, even guys that changed position and moved around and you can tell they've been looking at some things and studying some things on their own and I was pleased with that. I liked the practice, we worked hard and got some things done. I liked some of the moves, the way the guys moved around. Was very impressed with some guys and think we made the right moves with them.
Seemed like Cam Erving has adjusted well.
Yeah it really does. I'm gonna tell you what, that joker is quick. He's got initial quickness, he can really bend in his lower body, play low to high. I saw it a little bit, but I'll go back and really study the film, really liked what I saw.
How'd Mario Pender look?
I'll tell you what, don't give him any green grass cause he'll get down that sideline. He's got some cuts. Caught the ball down in the backfield, made a couple of nice runs, I was very impressed with him. Really was.
It's new for him to have to pick up the reads and everything, right?
It is. It's just repetition till we do it, but I was shocked. He did a really nice job. Had to tell what to do a couple times, but shoot, I thought it would be 34 or 35 times. Very impressed with what he did out there. Jumped out a couple times - 'oh, who was that?' a couple times. He did a nice job. Chris Thompson did a nice job.
Does Pender have to start over from what he did in high school?
No, not really. I believe this: tell him the blocking scheme and hand him the ball and if you have to tell him how to run, that's between him and god. That's usually not a tailback. He can stay with his cuts for the most and was pretty good at it.
How did Daniel Glauser look?
Moved around good. Bends well, athletic. Picked it up pretty good. Smart guy, liked what I saw there, too.
How much scrimmaging will you do this first week?
We'll do fundamentals. But we're always together as a team. You're gonna get all your individual stuff and all your one on one stuff. Then we're in to half-line stuff, break it down. We'll go into 7-on-7, we'll go into team, we'll go into blitz, we'll do it all, inside run, play action pass drills, we'll end up doing everything everyday. It's a good mixture of both. Cause you only have 15 days, you got to get it in there.
Henry Orelus has been at for awhile, where's he working?
He was ok. He was at tackle. Moved around, did a couple good things. I didn't notice him as much because when we broke into 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, he was on the opposite field from me.
You've got some more versatile guys on the offensive line this year.
Really do. Stork is playing some tackle. Stork at 313 looks like a different guy. He really does. Moving. Knows what to do. When you're a center, you know what everybody's doing. He's a little bit of everything.
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