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Transcript of Jimbo Fisher's post game PC:
Opening comments:
Well that's a first. I never had that occur in my career. But talking about the game in general, I was very pleased with what we did, like I challenged our team to focus well, to practice well, to come out and do the things we were supposed to do, and we did that. In all three phases, played hard. Played well on offense, played well on defense, played well on special teams. Executed, did what we were supposed to do. And that's the mark of a good team. We have to keep proving that and we have a lot more to prove, but at least I was happy with the way they approached the game, the way they prepared for the game, and the way they played the game.
On the game being a first in terms of being called and the running clock:
Both. It was inclement weather and they'll release a statement and why and there's more weather coming. It was just going to be a long time.
On his feeling on the matter:
Well, it's easy for me to sit there and say I want to keep playing, but I understand the situation they're in, especially when they have bad weather coming and the bus ride and doing the things they have to do. But as a competitor, I want to see some of our young guys, but I totally understand, I don't have a problem with that, that's just the nature of the situation we were in.
On getting approval from the NCAA:
Making sure we went through the right channels to make sure we didn't screw up and - it wasn't me, it was the athletic directors and the officials - making sure they didn't make this game a non-game for some reason doing something wrong by the process of how you're supposed to go about things. So we were just trying to dot our I's and cross our t's and make sure everything was done properly.
On getting out in the weather this week:
It does (help). There are going to be rain games, you have to be able to snap the ball, handle the ball, catch it, throw it, run, cover. You (have) to realize how to pass rush when the field is wet because the footing different. I've never not wanted to go out in the rain, I've only wanted to stay out of the lightning, which is why we're cancelling this game. But practicing in those conditions, we've gotten a lot of it this camp and it does help and I think our kids have felt very comfortable with the weather the way it was.
On keeping the players focused in the locker room during delays:
Keep them focused. Use it for a learning tool. If you remember a couple of years ago, we had that with the Wake Forest game and I believe it was the BYU game if I'm not mistaken, we had a couple games in there where we had delays and came back out and played very well and came back out and took control of the game. And use it as a learning experience. Some teams don't ever get those experiences, so let's take this, let's do something from it as far as a positive thing and remember, we may be going out there to play for a conference championship or a national championship or a big conference win in a game that we want to do, so let's make sure we know the procedure in which we want to go through right now so when we go back out there and play - even though we were ahead so much - let's not get lackadaisical, let's focus and do what we need to do.
On his feelings about moving into conference play:
I feel good. We're relatively healthy, we'll get a few guys back from this game that we didn't play in this game that we probably could have but in the end, we decided that rest would probably be good. I think we'll be relatively healthy, we'll have our hands full. Wake Forest played a tremendous game, beat North Carolina 28-27, always play tremendous football. Well coached, have a heck of a team. We'll have our hands full, no doubt, it's going to be a great game. I feel very good about our football team.
On getting Kelvin Benjamin in the game early:
Well it was because that's the way he's been practicing. I mean, the effort is the effort because he earned the right. This guy's coming on practicing. He's in shape, he's in the 230's now - his weight. He's running, he has top end speed. He's as fast as any receiver we've got. You see he's got some wiggles, (makes guys) miss, he's got range when he catches it, plus we've got other guys, but he's earned the right for the opportunities in which he's getting.
On Benjamin being 6'6 with wiggle:
Exactly. He's got body quickness, he can fast-twitch. And he can make you miss and he's tough and he's physical. He's got some skills that allow him - if he keeps progressing- he's got a long way to go, but he can be a good football player.
On the success of the first quarter:
It did. We wanted to get the ball - I'm glad we got the ball because now we started one game on defense, we started one game on offense - I think to get that feel. That's why we try to start scrimmages the same way - we always alternate scrimmages.
On EJ Manuel:
Really good. He made some throws in there that you may not recognize because it looked so clean that he was going to third and fourth guys on the backside, reading coverage, finding his match-up, finding his zones, where his one-on-ones were. I really like where he's at in his physical statures of throwing the ball and doing those things, but that mentally of understanding how to run our offense.
On getting O'Leary and Stork back next week:
Yes, those two, from what I understand, should definitely be back. Should be back on Monday and be ready to roll.
On Mario Edwards and Chris Casher:
We were starting to (see them). Got them a few reps and were really going to play them the whole second half and get it rolling because we wanted to get Giorgio some work to and Toshman because (Giorgio) is a young guy too that's going to have to come on and give us quality backup (reps) and we were just - and Mario I think made a tackle if I'm not mistaken and Casher was running around and we were just getting ready to see and that's the thing that disappoints you - we didn't get to see those guys like we wanted to, but we'll have to do it and got to get them in.
On Amp McCloud:
Yes, got Amp back in there. He got six or eight snaps early in that game and got that feel again. I was very pleased with him in practice this week and he's starting to get back to that old Amp and we're going to need him.
On Tank Carradine:
I think he did very well. Tank handled things well. I think he almost got a sack and made a couple plays there I saw and looked very good.
On Chris Thompson:
It was really good (to see him in the endzone). Been a whole year. That kind of made my day right there when I saw him score that touchdown.
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