Warchant TV: Fisher on the BC win

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Opening comments:
Thought our kids did a great job all week of putting the last game behind them and not letting it drag on. Moving on, showed a lot of maturity in our leadership, prepared very well, thought they played very well from the get go. We got a little setback in the beginning, defense gave up a drive, but then they had a tremendous goal line stand and we were able to convert on offense, came out and had a 99 yard drive. Had a break on the fumble, but when you play fast and hard, you make breaks and that's what happened in the game. Executed very well in the game. Was not happy when we could have tackled them on the one and we gave up a drive to get 28-7, could have put them away right there and then we get the ball back and hit a nice pass and give up an interception on a ball that was right in the middle of the chest and they got it back and then Joyner makes a tremendous play on an interception and EJ manages the clock well and we use timeouts well and get the field goal and get the momentum going in the half. Then we came out in the second and played very well the opening drive. EJ got a little greedy drive after that, defense kept playing well and we kept playing well on offense. Could have had another touchdown or two, could have executed a few things here and there, but overall, very proud of our kids and our coaches for putting that game behind them. Did a tremendous job of focus and concentration and staying together. Leadership did a great job in the game and we were able to come out with the victory.
On throwing nine straight times to start the game:
There were some things they had done and in the past we had always been able to do that against them if you look at the history of it since I've been here. Christian (Ponder) had some big numbers against them up there and there were some things we liked, some matchups we had that we liked. They always did a great job against the run.
On if play calling is different when you are starting at the one yard line:
We switch it up. Situation and field position always dictate what happens in a game.
On getting long passing plays:
We were able to run and we were able to protect. Menelik and those guys did a great job on the flanks and were able to hold up. When you can hold up with two short corners and no tight ends in the game and give yourself some time, you can get the ball downfield. But protection is always the key and it starts up front. Our offensive line did a tremendous job picking up blitzes. We were accurate with the ball, EJ was making great decisions and getting the ball down and we were able to do it with time and that's the key to anything.
On the goal line stand:
That was great. It's huge, it's a momentum (switch). You come out, you just lost the game last week, you give up a big drive, they get points, they change the momentum. Could have been a fumble, I mean when EJ-very opportunistic-jumped on the ball, we missed a block on a little screen play. It was just a tremendous momentum boost. Confidence and then you start to see the weight come off the shoulders a little bit and can start playing.
On if he wanted to send a message about aggressive play calling:
No, I'm going to coach every game the best (way I can) to win it. And in this game that's what we wanted to do. I'm not interested in trying to send a message, I'm interested in trying to win a football game.
On if he reads the message boards:
I don't read them. You have to coach, you move on, we have to live in our world and we go. I understand fans are passionate and they care, that's what makes Florida State a great place, I have no problem with that…coaches coach and players play. If you can't have thick enough skin to do that, than you shouldn't be in the business.
On EJ's play:
One pick was his, one wasn't. Rodney had a good game, KB had a good game, a lot of guys (did), wow. Great job. He came out focused. EJ has thick skin too. EJ's been around this business. You're the quarterback of a major program, you understand that. He played well, he prepared well, played a tremendous game. Did a great job of leadership throughout the week, really did.
On first drive after halftime:
Practice, did some things in practice. Did some mental things in practice, some mental conditioning things.
On being able to tell the team was focused coming out of halftime:
Sometimes you can (tell), sometimes you can't. I thought they were focused going into the game. They weren't rah-rah, they were locked. They were locked from the get-go. You could sense it. A chip on their shoulder.
On FSU's defense:
I think the momentum of our game. I think on offense, stinging them. Making it one-dimensional…I think defense did a great job controlling the line of scrimmage, mixing some looks, some blitzes and I think on offense you made them one-dimensional to get a jump on them and put pressure on them defensively so they couldn't lengthen the game.
On being better on first downs:
Much better. You go look at our first down efficiency the first four weeks of the season, they were tremendous. That's why our third downs were good. You can go back and relate first downs and third downs…picked up a couple third and longs. First down was very good, emphasized that to the players.
On the team's focus:
Once they got going you could sense it.
On Bjoern Werner's impact on the game:
Numbers don't tell about football players all the time. You get deceived by numbers. He impacts the game. He gets double-teamed, people slide to him. He'll bat a ball, play a screen, do all those things. He's just a tremendous football player.
On the depth at wide receiver:
We got a bunch of guys and I didn't think EJ was really sharp the first three or four balls. Missed a few and we dropped a couple, but overall it was better. But it was good to get a lot of guys in there, our backs caught the ball in some key situations and made some nice plays. Weird thing is that Nick didn't catch one, I called about eight balls to the tight end, that shows you that we were progressing to other reads. One of the first posts we had, we thought that would be Nick's ball, and KB caught it and they let KB stay one-on-one and EJ was doing a great job of (making reads).
On if he expected BC to pass on fourth down at the one:
You still have to play run. It's like standing up there at the plate and don't look for a fastball and wait for a change-up and he smokes you with the fastball. You got to look fastball and react to everything else. You got to look run on fourth and inches and react to everything else. And that's what they did and they made a good play.
On Dustin Hopkins becoming the all-time scoring leader in the ACC:
Tremendous award, tremendous job. He's really starting the last couple weeks, he's starting to kick the ball. Changed his routine, went back to the old way he was kicking and got out of it and the thud of the ball that last week in practice has been totally different.
On what it means:
Let's not talk about the player, let's talk about the person. The student, the degree, the leadership, the community service, FCA leader, all that stuff. Then he's the all-time score leader in ACC history. Guy is tremendous, a tremendous human being.
On Hopkins' change in kicking:
He made a little change in some things and went back to the old way of doing things. Look at his distance now, he's thumping it. Whole different ball.
On getting Devonta Freeman and James Wilder back involved:
Got (them) back involved, got it back to them. James had a nice catch or two, made a tremendous play in there early, getting to the pylon.
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