Warchant TV: Fisher on the Clemson loss

Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher on the Clemson Loss
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Opening Comments:
Thought we played another hard fought football game. I give Clemson credit, they've got a very good football team, very talented team. Did a good job making plays when they had to, made a lot of big plays. We were our own worst enemy a lot of times today, leaving them on the field. Some penalties-not getting off the field on third and long. I think it was three-had a facemask, a roughing the kicker and a something else on third down. Might have been four. The second roughing the kicker was when we were going into second half. There were three or four, I have to look at them. We left them on the field and they did a good job, hit them, three and third and twelve-it was very disappointing. Some of our young receivers were playing very well. Clint did an excellent job managing the game, playing the game, trying to bring us back. Made some nice plays. We're 2-2 and the off week probably comes at a good time-for us to take a deep, hard look at ourselves and see how we can still be a great football team. We have a very good football team. It has to learn to finish and stop doing the foolishness and things and it was at different spots than it was at last week. That's my job as a head coach to get that fixed. But Clemson did an excellent job.
Clint did a great job. What did you do to help him prepare?
Clint's a coaches son. He's been, for lack of a better term, a gym rat. He's always been around this his whole life and he understands ball and the mental makeup of kids who have been around that handle that very well. And I thought-he had a couple passes he wished he could get back and we talked a lot and planned a lot and tried to mold it around things he liked and I think he and those young receivers did an excellent job.
Talk about that penalty in the fourth quarter with fourth and four.
It was big. It wasn't any bigger than facemask on third and twelve cause they were blitzing. We were counting to see what we were gonna get and whatever and set up the coverage and a check we had the right play. And we had the right play, Rodney ran his route and got on top and we didn't need the fourth and four.
Was it the same play?
It changed how you had to read it. We had some options to where we wanted to go with it. But we had a chance on that fourth and four and if it would have been there, we were gonna swing it out of the park. We'll see.
Talk about the defense the first half.
Clemson did a great job keeping us off balance. Got to the edges. Were able to run it enough inside to keep you off balance. But the big thing was they made the big plays. They got the one on one matchups and beat our corners. Our corners-they hit what, five deep balls? And when it's third down and we weren't getting them off the field and we had to challenge them in man-they had a slant and go one time, ti Watkins, that was a big one and had a couple gos and got over the top a couple times and were able to hit their big ones and big throws early. They did a great job on offense. And they ran it just enough to keep you off balance. Had a lot of plays. And we kept giving them conversions and penalties and giving them series. At half we only had the ball four times. The last series we were driving and we couldn't get it back.
Talk about the penalties.
I don't know. I mean Cameron Erving had the sack and just sort of hit the face and that happens, occasionally you get those. But the roughing the kicker, he was trying to hold up and didn't feel like he had enough room to come down. The second one, I don't know how you don't block the kick. The guy actually kicked it under him. he actually jumped over the kick. We thought we were gonna get a punt deflect from that. We tried before the half there, and he didn't mean to hurt the kid-I hope the kid was alright, hope he's ok, we didn't mean to hurt him. And he [Lamarcus Joyner] just got it kicked under him, but then we had a couple facemasks and then a pass interference on their sideline and I couldn't-I think it was Nigel Bradham-I couldn't see what it was. I couldn't tell, I don't know. They made the calls and we need to overcome them. It was very disappointing.
How much does this loss hurt compared to last week?
It hurts because you wish you could have responded to the adversity from a week ago, but like I told the team, I've been on championship teams that have lost two in a row. Did it in 2001 and FSU has had some, '89 and '90 and Clemson was one of those culprits in '89. We still have a chance to be a very good football team. We have to coach them better, get them in better position, get the details out of them, put them in better position to get stuff done and that's my job and our kids will play hard and do a good job and we can still have a heck of a season. Still have a lot of goals out there in front of us and I still like the progress we're making, but we have to learn to get out of this hump.
You were down by five in the fourth and the defense on the next drive just let them go down the field.
Yeah, that was disappointing. It was like last week. Last week we had it, it was a third and twelve last week-we gotta work on third and long-gotta learn to get off the field. In the end, you gotta protect the ball from turnovers, gotta convert on third down and get off the field on third down, gotta score touchdowns in the redzone and defend the redzone and make big plays and defend the big plays of the game. And that's what it's come down to, mo matter what. That's what it comes down to whether you're a spread team, a wishbone team-whatever, we have got to do a better job on third down. They were 9 for 17 on third down and I bet four or five of them were third and ten or more.
Were you concerned about the running game?
Well we started to mix things in, but the score got going in the second half and you didn't have the opportunity in third quarter. We had some success the first drive and we found some things, but we've got to get better at it, there's no doubt. We got to continue to keep throwing it well.
What is EJ's status?
EJ is our starting quarterback and when he gets healthy, he'll be back. We got a week off this week and a week of prep, so I'm hoping he'll be back by then, but we have a very capable guy to come in and do and he did a heck of a job. We had a chance that last drive. Somebody had the ball at midfield. Had a chance to make one there and that's disappointing. Yeah, we had one there. But that was a big one. When you get that big one, you get it going. It's very disappointing and we need to look at that and get it fixed. Got some things we need to fix for sure.