Warchant TV: Fisher on the OU Loss

Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher on the Oklahoma Loss
Opening comments:
I thought we just played a very hard fought competitive football game, thought our kids competed in the game very well, thought we played with tremendous toughness and played with great effort and I take pride in how we played and competed. All great games get down to two or three little plays and Oklahoma was able to make them and I give them credit because they're a great team and have a great coaching staff. I wish them nothing but the best. They did a great job. We have to look at ourselves and correct some of the mistakes we have and look at some of the missed opportunities we had and some of the plays we had called back. We had some opportunities in the game and that happens. Oklahoma made some plays and we didn't make enough and we have to test ourselves. But I'm very proud of our kids and I think we have a great football team, I really do, and that was one game. Our goals are all still ahead of us. I believe that our season starts next week and where we're going with our conference schedule and we'll try to fix it and move on. But we didn't execute, and I told our kid when we look at the film and when all the noise is gone, well why didn't we execute right there? We had some opportunities and let some things get through and we didn't execute in two or three drives and when you play great teams, that's sometimes what happens and we let it get away from us. I give credit to Oklahoma, they're very well coached and have a heck of a football team.
It seemed like this game came down to one or two plays, did it feel that way?
It did. It did and we battled and we had some great opportunities. That first run we had a touchdown called back and we had a touchdown that we could have caught there but had a big hit and I couldn't-I don't know if he caught it or got in, I couldn't tell enough from the replay to challenge it, and it was unfortunate-Kenny is fine now. We were really concerned there, but he's doing well. Wanted to let you all know. He's walking around and doing fine now. He was playing a great football game and glad that he's ok, that was the big thing there and we had a penalty on the next drive there and a penalty after that-a he didn't get set and he got set and then they went in motion, they said-I have to look at it and see. We got back to the three or four yard line on the very next play and had a penalty and moved back and then had a screen and they tipped it-that's what happens in great games. They made some plays and we didn't. We need to find a way to run the football, be more physical up front and control the line of scrimmage better.
How is EJ?
He got his left shoulder a little banged up. We'll evaluate, could be fine by next week or could be a week or two, we'll see. He went back out and was ready to go back in the ballgame. He could have come back in the ballgame and played there, they said that, and I thought Clint was playing well and moving the ball and I wasn't about to risk anymore injury. It wasn't worth his career ending. I don't think it would have. They said he was fine to play.
The doctors said he was fine to play?
Yeah, they said he was fine to play. I'm sure he'll be sore tomorrow and we'll have to evaluate how that goes.
What did you learn about your offense and your defense?
I think they'll compete. I don't think they'll quit. Our kids compete, they believe in each other, they play hard. I think defensively it was great-they came out and got their first drive and then we came out and weathered that storm and we were able to answer right back. I think it gave the defense some confidence that we were gonna score points-they kept us in that football game at the end. We had a few mistakes, had the tip, and there was a penalty before and we're down on the three or four yard line ready to score and we usually have an option and we throw it in and they turn it out. There were just some things we didn't do and I think that's discipline. That's the thing that got us just a little bit tonight. I'm anxious to watch the film because there's one thing I know, we had a lot of holds. A lot of holds.
What do you think about the hit on Kenny?
I don't think it was dirty. The guy made a hit and it was an illegal hit, but I don't think they did it on purpose or intentionally try and hurt anybody. It was a hit, it was a shot about the shoulder, which everybody is calling now and I don't think they intentionally tried to hurt anybody. They have a classy team and a classy group of people.
Talk about goal line defense.
It was great. They kept us in it the first half. They got down there on those drives and battled and kept us in it and were able to play great defense and that's when you control the front. And we did a great job in those short situations and blitzed and played very well and kept us in the football game.
What did you learn about Clint Trickett?
I thought he played well. Went in there and competed well. Was able to make a play and led us a couple times and we had a protection break down a couple times that we could have got some more guys and got the ball off, but they were blitzing and realized at the end when you're behind and you're not running the football that you can tee it up and blitz and when that package is added, it makes it very tough.
Despite the loss, do you feel like this game showed you where you want the team to go?
I do. I mean, I'm disappointed we lost. Because we had chances to win that football game, but I'm also very encouraged that our kids can compete at the highest level. I truly believe that. How we rebound from this and how we don't allow one loss to become two and how we go on the road and start our conference schedule-and we have a very tough one next week against Clemson. They won today and that should be a good game. And I think our kids see it. They were hurting in that locker room and they should because they see it. Because there were some things that they could have controlled. I'm not disappointed as far as where we're going, we need a little more execution to get where we need to go.
What about the influence of the fans?
It was great. Our fans stand out there and when we walked off that field and they cheered our kids because of how hard they played, that shows the quality of people we have here. I was appreciative of the atmosphere and the environment of what we had here, not only before, but after. We have some classy fans and we'll get some things fixed and we'll keep some great football here at Florida State, I promise.
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