Warchant TV: Fisher on the UF loss

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Opening comments:
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm proud of the way we competed in the game. We didn't play well, but I thought our kids wanted to win. They played hard, tried to battle back. Played a heck of a third quarter to try and battle back, but played a very poor fourth quarter. And in the end, the key to me, I have to look at the film and evaluate, but four turnovers, which is always critical in those games, and I think the inability for us to run the ball as much as we wanted to and their ability to run the football and control the lines of scrimmage up front. That hadn't happened to us on defense all year. I tip our hats to them, Florida has a good football team. They're very well coached. They did a great job. We had opportunities in the football game, we just didn't take advantage of them. They had some and they flustered and blew some and we were able to make some plays back and forth, but they were able to. We take fault. Got to have them better prepared, got to take care of the ball better. It was weird, it wasn't fumbles, it was interceptions and that was a rarity, some thing we hadn't done very much, but we'll have to learn from it. We'll recover. Still got a lot to play for, got a conference championship next week. Got to recover and get back to business tomorrow, but hats off to Florida, they did a great job in the ballgame. Our kids played hard, they just didn't play well enough to win.
On EJ's performance:
The first play, he missed a signal on a protection. The blitz would have been picked up and we should have had both backs blocking and he didn't call it and Rodney was open. And the pressure caused him to miss the throw and we had a field goal right there that could have matched their field goal or really a first down because Rodney was open on the play and we ended up getting a turnover. The second was just a poor read. They were down 13-0 and he just made a poor decision. Third was a high throw, made a really good decision, had 80 sitting there on the sideline and he just threw it high. Unfortunately the fumble at the end was a big one and that's something he's done a great job, taking care of the football, and tonight he had four critical turnovers.
On the momentum changing after the hit on EJ:
That game was all momentum. If you look at the game, they started off good and then got the big pick and controlled the first half back and forth and then we get it coming out the second, we get that little drive before half and are able to get three points, get some momentum coming out the second half and we control the game. Then we had the momentum in the third quarter and then that hit changed the momentum back.
On EJ's performance:
It was not one of his most stellar performances, that's for sure and we have to coach him better. He was very emotional before the game, I think because of senior day. He was tore up and it meant a lot to him. I think he wanted to play very well very badly and sometimes when you try too hard it doesn't go. He's had a great year.
On EJ's injury:
He got hit in the stomach and they were evaluating whether he got a rib or something and he got the wind really knocked out of him and they couldn't tell if he had cracked a rib or something, but they felt very good after they went over and moved him and talked to him and got him going that he could come back and the doctor said he was perfectly well to come back into the game.
On the defense's inability to get off the field:
It did and their ability to run the football. They ran for 244 yards.
On the defense being gassed:
Most definitely. Florida was 8 of 15 on third down. But it was a game of momentum. We had three penalties, they had 12. The big thing goes back to turnovers. That has the biggest effect in ball.
On UF's run game:
Lined up and blocked us. We'll have to look at the film. They were physical and did a nice job in the game.
On the locker room mood:
They're down, they're sad. But a lot of those seniors are saying, 'hey guys, we still have a lot to play for.' A lot of those leaders are grabbing those guys and (talking) about the conference championship game next week and we do, we've got to put this behind us. That's the things about playing a rivalry game before you play a conference championship game, you've got to be very emotional and you put your heart and soul into it, but then we've got to get over it. Whether we win or lose, you've got to come back next week and play a conference championship.
On the last touchdown drive:
That just sends a message that we're never going to quit.
On Jeff Driskel:
I've said it all along, I think Driskel is a very talented guy and they did a nice job of mixing and doing things and I think the key was they were able to run the football, which allowed them to be effective in play-action.
On Bjoern Werner:
Bjoern always plays great. Bjoern plays great every week. He did a really nice job in the game. The thing we kept losing which was curious was that we lost containment a lot of times on runs. I think a lot of times it was when they were coming out of the ball game. We'll look and see.
On this loss being similar to the NC State loss:
This game was a totally different game a little bit. A loss is a loss, you learn from everything. You've got to do that. You've got to play for 60 minutes…Dustin kicked well. Cason punted the ball extremely well.