Warchant TV: Fisher on Tuesdays practice

Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher on Tuesday's practice
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Opening comments:
Really liked today. Really liked the energy level, the execution level. I thought we practiced very cleanly, got a lot done in our situations. Guys had a good bounce in their step, a good look in their eye, good confidence in how they were playing…I liked their mindset and their bodies-where they're at.
On punt returns:
Tyler is back there. Tyler's going to be starting.
On how Hunter looked at punt returner:
Very good. Has tremendous ball skills, can catch it, has good explosion, you saw that in the return last week. He'll be back there for us.
On balancing carries and blocking for Lonnie Pryor:
There's some games he's gotten ten or twelve times a game, we don't mind that at all. He's a football player, you just got to give it to him and he's got to play, you can't worry about that.
On the dime defense:
Teams are spreading more. Everybody is getting in four wides and five wides and you can't have mismatches, you have to match personnel. There are so many skill guys that are playing out there, you have to nickel, dime, different kinds of packages and you've got to be versatile.
On Christian Jones:
He's exceptional. For a linebacker, he's got a lot of big time skills as a cover guy.
On Hunter being a home run threat at punt return:
Yeah I do, Tyler's a 4.3 (forty) guy. He has great (speed), you saw it when he had the interception return. Tyler's got great ball skills. When I first recruited him, I saw him while he was playing quarterback, and with that option up there at Lowndes, he was breaking touchdown runs.
On the suspension of the referee:
I don't want anybody to be suspended or anything like that. That's up to them, I had nothing to do with that. That's their evaluation, that was done before we even talked about the situation. They did that on their own, but those refs have a tough enough job to do and they try to do the best job they can, like coaches and players and everybody else. We had great communication with the head guy.