Warchant TV: Fisher on Wake Forest win

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Opening comments:
It's always good to get a good victory. Wake Forest has always played us extremely tough and they're a very good football team. We watched them two weeks on film, they played a very good North Carolina team last week, so we knew we'd have our hands full. I was very proud of the way our kids came out of the blocks, controlling the line of scrimmage. Offensively we stumbled a little bit early, some miscommunications there on some things and I think that was more of just wanting to do too good too fast and then we relaxed and started playing as came together. Defense was dominant, we set the tone again with special teams, our kickoff coverage was tremendous. I don't think they got a kickoff outside the 20. Defense was dominant and then offense started controlling the ball, we were able to hit those long runs and Chris was able to finish those runs and what a difference a year makes. I was sitting up there in a hospital bed watching him last year, and he's actually consoling me when I was talking to him in the bed. That everything's going to be alright, let alone knowing what his future would was, he was saying, coach, I'll be back. It's amazing. It cant happen to a better young man. I was very proud for him today, very proud for our team. We've still got a lot of things we got to clean up, there's some sloppiness in a lot of areas, but I'm very proud of the progress we're making, we're heading in the right direction and we just have to get ready to play a very good Clemson team next week.
On this season being a new year:
Each team has a lifespan of one year, what that team can become. I like this team we have, what happened in the past has nothing to do with what's going to happen in the future and we believe that and our kids believe that and we went out and prepared and had a great ball game.
On playing a complete ballgame:
It really was. I think there's some things in the passing game we could clean up, we had some dropped balls. We had a couple missed protections that scared me, let some guys lose and just missed communication on some protections. But (3-4) defense, the way you have to do some things, cost us that a little bit and it hurt us and we missed a couple throws, so I mean, I think we couldn't get that real tight rhythm (on offense).
On wide receiver blocks:
We're big, we're athletic and we're physical and we need to be blocking like that all the time, that's what good football teams do.
On Chris Thompson:
I just wanted to look in his eye and just hug him, tell him how much I care for him. He's a special guy and I'm just so happy for him.
On Thompson's TD:
I kept telling you all last year how big a guy he was (to have) missing. Not only the plays he makes, but the stability he brings. Assignments, coaching, what he does with players, 'hey, you got this, you got that,' that guy is rock solid. He's a big time player.
On the defense:
Against the quarterback and receivers that are good players, the (defense) controlled the line of scrimmage. Our defense was very dominant. Contested all the throws, didn't give them any free releases, we have to continue because we have a great group coming next week.
On defensive success starting with the defensive line:
It does, up front. The game starts up front. Offensive line and defensive line. Getting big Amp back in the middle, keeping that rotation, you guys don't know how strong that guy is inside on that run game and things he does with effort in there and then you bring in Timmy, the depth it brings, you got McAllister and Eddie Goldman and all the guys that keep it fresh.
On the new kickoff rule aiding the team:
I thought about it last spring. We debated and we had some arguments about it but I hated to give something up that easy and when you have a kicker as talented as Dustin is, to adjust those kicks and be able to do what he's doing and to be athletic and able to cover like we are, why do I have to give that up?
On the offensive line:
Well that is true at times, but a couple times we had some backs missing blocks on some things and that can be in different avenues, but I was very proud of them. We're head and shoulders above where we were, are we where we want to be? No, we're not close, but we're making a lot of progress.
On Glauser starting over Watson because of taking more reps at practice this week:
Menelik sat out some practices, he tweaked an ankle and he was ready to play, but Daniel got more of the practice all week and we'd said (Menelik) had been nicked up. That 3-4 defense is different, we had some nuances and things we did differently and some calls and some reads you could say you could watch it and do it, but you have to do it two or three times in a day and a bunch of times to really get good at it and we thought Daniel had a good week and we had Menelik ready to go, but I thought he played very well. (When you can) sustain an injury, that's what a program does, (just) a team can't do that.
On defense dominating:
We kept great leverage on the football all day. One or two times maybe the ball bounced outside and I think one of them was a horsecollar. I thought they played great leverage on the ball all day, pressured, didn't allow the pocket (for the quarterback to step up, pushed it and kept him confined. Didn't let him step up and scramble and keep plays alive with his feet, which he did a tremendous job of. Was very proud of those guys, had tight coverage. And when the ball got out, those throws were contested. Our DB's did a real nice job.
On Cason Beatty:
I told you that guy's been punting well in practice. He's been doing a really nice job, very proud of him.
On getting out of the game healthy:
Yes. It seems like we're pretty healthy. I didn't know of anything that was any significant injury.
On team speed:
We're going to need it every week. Everybody talks about speed, but I'm going to tell you something else: size and speed. Speed is great, but if you have speed without size, it can be negated too. Or if you have size without speed, you got to have both. And that's what we try to recruit. We want big fast guys. It makes a difference.