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Warchant TV: Fowler ecstatic over 5-star ranking

Warchant TV - FSU commitment Dante Fowler Jr. is ecstatic over 5-star ranking
Full transcript of our interview with Fowler:
ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- We're here at Lakewood High School with brand new five-star prospect Dante Fowler. You're only the second player in Pinellas County to be named a five-star. The first one was another Seminole, Chris Davis, a guy you know pretty well, being his cousin. Talk about what it means to be a five-star player.
Being a five star is a dream come true. When I was in middle school, my dad used to always go on the internet and see the players. I used to think, man, I hope I'm a five-star one day. When they initially released the five-star rankings, I wasn't on it. But yesterday my dad called me up and told me I ranked number 11 ranked in the country and a five-star. I feel like a totally different person, I feel more relaxed. It's a blessing. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing because I ain't gonna let go of that five-star.
Talk about the work you've put into this to be in this position, from your junior year until now.
Getting bigger, getting stronger, getting faster. My coaches pushed me so hard, I wondered why do they keep messing with me. But I guess it paid off. I thanked them, they told me that I would thank them one day. But most of all, I thank my dad. I remember in little league practice, he used to jump over the fence and get on my behind. But I guess it all paid off. I'm happy. I'm a five -star now. Now I can get a five-star tattoo on my shoulder (laughing.)
We talked about you and Chris Davis (your cousin) being the only other Pinellas player to be a five-star. How often do you talk to him?
We talk from time to time. We last talked during the Florida State spring game. We keep in touch. Most of the time, I talk to his little brother, my little cousin Ryan Davis.
You gonna talk trash with him now that you're a five-star?
Uh-huh. Even though he was ranked a little lower than me, I don't care cause I'm a five-star (laughing).
You've been committed to FSU for a while now. What really stands out about FSU and why you love them so much?
The upcoming program. Like I said before, whatever school I go to, if it's Florida State or not, in the next two years, I think Florida State is going to win a national championship. Coach (D.J.) Eliot did a real good job with his first year with the defensive ends. I just like how Jimbo Fisher is running the program.
You were a FSU fan growing up. Talk a little about that. How did you become an FSU fan.
I don't even know how I became an FSU fan. I think my dad made me be one (laughing). I was an FSU fan since I was a little baby. I remember putting on a FSU uniform when I was playing with my brother outside and he was playing as Florida. So since then I've been an FSU fan.
I remember seeing you after the spring game signing autographs. How crazy was that?
Man, I had to tell everyone on Facebook, and I had to tell everyone when I came back to school. It was fun. It made me realize I have a lot of things coming, and I don't want to waste it, so I have to get my school work done.
Talk about FSU's defense and why you like it so much.
They fit everything I do. They are physical, they like to hit hard, they're wild, they're fast, so that's basically what I like about the defense. The defensive line, they go hard every play. They're fast, they especially like competition. I love competition. So that brings the best out of me.
Now the thing people are worried about (FSU fans) is that you want to take some visits. Talk about the reasons why you want to take visits.
The reason why I want to take visits is so I can see some new things. As a kid, I've never been able to go outside the state. I want to see new things take some visits, see what other colleges look like.Whatever happens, happens.
Are you pretty firm in your decision?
Yes, I'm firm, but I'm still going to take my visits. I'll probably go to Miami, I gotta show USF some love, they've been with me through thick and thin, USC and Florida.
You've been working on the Tampa area pretty hard to bring them to FSU. What have you been saying to these guys?
Nelson (Agholar). (laughing). Nelson. He is something else. He is a beast. An athlete. I don't even know what he is. He's not human. He can do everything. They call me superman, I think he's superman. He is a good person, funny guy, outgoing person. I think he'll fit real well where ever Florida State puts him at. If he plays offense, he'll be a best on offense, if he plays defense, he'll be a beast on defense. I've been trying to get on Nelson, and Tyriq (McCord). Tyriq is a gator boy. But I'm going to try to get Tyriq out of that. So that's basically who I've been talking too. Matt (Jones), he's firm, but I'm gonna try to get him too.
Do you just work on the area guys right now? Then expand?
First I want to work on the area guys, then when I go to camps, I talk to some of the people at camps. So, that's who I've been working on.
You've started spring football. Talk about getting going on spring ball.
Well, now that I'm a five-star, I'll be going crazy now (smiling) in practice. I feel loose. I feel better. I just feel different now. It's going to be a good day in practice. It's a good thing for the recruiters to come out, because they get a chance to see some of the other players. My brother is an upcoming sophomore, projected to be one of the best slot receivers in his class, in the county. So it's a good thing for them to get those looks. We play Lakeland for the spring game, so I'm going to be ready for them (looks straight at the camera).
You've got some FSU coaches coming out today.
Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey, Coach (D.J.) Eliot, they're going to get me watch me practice. Today, it's going to be a great day.
Now as far as the FSU coming up, what games do you want to go to?
Well, luckily our bye week is September 16, that's when they play Oklahoma, we're going to that game. We're going to the Miami game, and Florida game but it's in Florida, but it's going to be in Gainesville, so I'm going to have to go to Florida in order to watch that game. We're going to see at least three Florida State games. I'll probably also go to Clemson. We'll try to see as many Florida State games as we can.
Are you going to any camps this summer?
I got invited to a Nike camp in Oregon, I'll try to go there. I'm going to Florida State, I might go to Friday Night Lights at Florida - I love that camp, I might fly to USC to go to their camp.
Talk about the jersey you're wearing…sporting a little E.J. Manuel.
I had this jersey, it's a little big on me, when I was in the sixth or seventh grade. We were going to Florida State, it was my first time going to Florida State so I went to get a jersey. I thought I'd grow into it, but it's still big. I still got some filling out to do.
Are you getting used to wearing that jersey?
Uh-huh (nodding yes - smiling). Hopefully they'll have some #6 jersey's when I go to Florida State.
Is that the number you want to wear?
Uh-huh (nodding yes…smiling.)
Why number 6?
I've been wearing #6 since I was in little league. I either want to get 6 or 16, the number my dad had when he was in high school. I've had 6 the whole time I was in little league and high school. Those are my two favorite numbers, 6 and 16.
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