Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher Talks 4th Quarter Drills

Jimbo Fisher Talks 4th Quarter Drills
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Opening Statement
Very pleased with our offseason. Guys have worked hard, developed a pretty good unity,
developed a good work ethic, getting some of the injured guys back out there was good they're
still working through some things still got some guys over there we're working through. Very
pleased with where we're at competition is good I thought I liked the way the kids competed
against each other, I liked their overall attitude about how they're going about their business
right now really do. In the class room, off the field we're doing good things, so proud of um.
Q: Who has stood out
A : It was good to see Derrick Mitchell back out there you know I mean getting back
out off from an injury like that. There a bunch of those young guys those freshman even though
they played they still haden't went through those fourth quarter drills. Guys I think will have
even bigger roles next year. Good to see them get challenged, and pushed and knock through
there. Colin Blake coming back off those injuries, all those guys that I saw that I knew was
termined guys and you wonder how they come back off those injuries and there's other guys
let me think through here. Dan Hicks, you see Dan running back and forth now that knee doing
good. Chris Casher getting back into it he'll be in most of spring throughout the year. I mean
those who were banged and bruised that way I've been very pleased. The upper classmen I
think, you know Christian Jones, and Telvin. Ah the linemen a lot of the linemen. To see Cam
Erving whose back out there now after surgery. He's really gotten himself back in there. Wilder,
Freeman, just Rashad Green, Kenny Shaw I mean a lot of those guys. Just just busting their
tail Greg Dent a lot of those sen, you can tell they're seniors and the urgency and which going
behind things. Let me think who else. Lamarcus. I mean Lamarcus is always going a thousand
miles an hour. I mean some of those. Jacobbi, great to see Jacobbi back out there and finally
running and finishing, looking like the old Jacobbi. So you know there's quite a few of those
Q: the transition of working in six new coaches, how's that going
A: Great, because they've all been through this. They've all been through the fourth
quarter program. They understand what we're gona do on offense and defense, how we coach
and what we do. That's be, that's actually been extremely easy because most of them have been
through this system and what we're doing and the one or two that haven't it's been easy because
everyone else has.
Q: what different approach are there in style
A: What we, what we'll do. We always gona change offensive defensive schemes to
fit our personnel an what we're doing, but we're gona do things the Florida State way. The way
we've been doing um.
Q: Is Brewster the recruiting coordinator and Shannon the offensive coordinator
A: mhm (Brewter is the recruiting coordinator), there is no offensive coordinator, mhm
(there is no title of offensive coordinator).
Q: How has Pender looked
A: Really good, been very pleased with him. His leg has been good, doing great in class,
doing great in school. I been, I thought he had the best, he looks really good, explosive, athletic,
very pleased weights up. Good and strong, he's had a very good first half of this semester. No
doubt, no doubt, no doubt, even bigger and stronger (same quickness, burst) 195 pounds, he's
increased it, very powerful, strong kid, extremely strong (weights up?)
Q: On how it's different having a QB battle unlike the last few years
A: It just like the first year when they were battling, you know Drew and then uhh they
were all battling, Xavier and all those guys were battling. Little different approach let you let the
decide, how they play and the results of what goes on and how and how the team follows, at the
end of the day. How does he move them down the field and who can put them in the endzone
and that's and manage the game and that's uhh control the game. Make the plays they need to
make, make the big throws. Let them dictate won't be any different. I have no idea, time will tell,
time will tell (do you think this is something you will get done in the spring or will you need the
Q: Do you feel you have a read on what these three guys are capable of and where they are
A: Yeah, I think I know what their abilities are, but I'm anxious you never know what
somebody's capable of till they're put under pressure situations, and put out there in a position
to lead and also take off, so they go take a job, you don't ever know that. And and to sit here and
say that you know anybody at any time is crazy you just got to let it happen, trust your eyes and
see what goes on. Big thing don't force it, but they'll tell you can't tell.
Q: Are those guys similar as to what they bring to the table
A: I think everybody's different. I think any players different. I don't think any two
players are ever the same. It how you, it's the thought process that really separates you as a
player, at any position especially quarterback. And uh I think the all do different strengths and
weaknesses as they go, but it's going to be very interesting to see how how they can only do their
job or how they can make the other ten guys around them do their job and how they can make
the guys on the other side of the ball on defense feel comfortable about them doing their job.
That's all important for the quarterback he got to fuel everybody not just himself.
Q: on the leadership of the QB candidates so far
A: Yeah, I mean I don't I don't think think either of those guys, any of those guys we
have three or four of those guys we have have a problem getting in front of somebody, or taking
responsibility or pushing themselves or jumping up, They all have that natural instinct to be
quarterbacks, to be leaders.
Q: Cam Erving coming back and the right tackle position
A: Well I mean, you have some you have quite a few guys. I think Bobby Harts had a
good off season. Umm Stork and those guys can do what they gotta do there. There's different
guys we can put in there that we can have replace that guy.
Q: would it be ideal for Bobby to win the position so you don't have to shift two guys
A: No, I wouldn't say that. Because Austin Barron played two, started three games
the year before and did a tremendous guy, played his tail off. So I mean the best guy will play.
Ruben Carter another guy I thinks made tremendous strides as a player I think his size and
strength is really val.. Lovelady has done a nice job in there. Then you get Fahrunkrug back,
you won't have him in the spring, but you get him back next year too have a good, Trey Pettis,
there's quite a few of those guys, We'll wait and see.
Q: who is out for the spring
A: Mhmm (Tyler Hunter is out for all of spring), Nick Waisome will be out, Darby will
be out, Tyler Hunter, umm trying to think who else, have to go through position wise, trying
to bring off the top of my head. Fahrunkrug will be. Yeah Stork will be fine and Trey Sumner
will all be fine. Coker will be fine, he should be there every day. Fahrunkrug will be out he had
to have his shoulder done. Uhh Trying to think, receiver, running back. McAllister will be out
shoulder. McAllister the defensive tackle will be out. Might be good sometimes, those guys you
know can play get that done, they won't get hurt in the spring, so they'll definitely be there in the
fall when it matters.
Q: how will injuries affect the reps in the secondary and depth
A: Well yeah they are going to get quite a few opportunities. The way we practice we
get to see that any way because of the way we practice. There's some young guys I think, P.J.
Williams is a guy that's jumped out at me, Colin Blake getting him back up there, , I think you'll
see great.. Lamarcus Brutus had a very good offseason, Gerald Demps al those. I mean I'm
anxious to watch all those guys.
Q: how is Jacobbi McDainels
A: Really good, you saw his run today. I mean he's running pain free for the first time.
And finishing drills and going through the whole workouts. Conditionings good, and very, he
tore a ham early because he hadn't anything for a year and a half, had to make sure he didn't
overdo it, but now you see his body I think he's come along very well.