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Warchant TV: P.J. Williams on changes in the secondary

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Warchant TV: P.J. Williams on changes in the secondary
Transcript of P.J. Williams' interview
"I believe we're taking it just like last spring, just getting better and still earning a spot, not being able to get complacent and trying to step up and be a leader for some of the younger players, just competing."
Does it feel different knowing guys like Lamarcus and Terrence are gone?
"Yeah, definitely. Those guys are some great players and I looked up to them as soon as I got here, even before I got to this school. It feels a little different, but you know you just have to step up and take that role and be able to be a leader."
How much did last year's experience help going into this spring?
"It's going to help them a whole lot because they're some great players. They have a whole lot of experience, unlike what I got my freshman year. They played a whole lot, pretty much all season and got a lot better. Coming in to this season, they know they have to get better and they can step up and be leaders for other players because of all the time they got. It's going to be real good for them to have that experience."
Do you look forward to seeing how cross training will work out with the DBs?
"Definitely, because we have a lot of great players that can play pretty much everywhere on the field. We're all learning a lot of different positions and we'll see how it plays out. I believe either way it goes, we're all going to be good."
Any position at DB that you haven't played yet that you'd like to do?
"Not really. I've done corner, nickel, dime. Those are the positions that I like. Wherever else they want to put me. I love DB, so anywhere."
What do you remember about last year with all those new coaches coming in?
"I remember knowing we had to learn a whole new defense. It was crazy having to go in there not knowing how it was going to be. Now we got our coaches back and we know we have good relationships with them. We're looking to grow with them and have a great season this year."
How important has Tyler Hunter been?
"It's very important. He's a great guy. He has a lot of heart and he loves the game. Being able to see him out there practicing with us and running with us is real good, especially after what happened to him last year. I love playing with him, so it was good to see him out there."
How involved was he after the injury last year?
"He was very involved. He was always around us. He helped coach us actually, because he was one of the players that knew the defense more than anybody. I believe he played a big role on our team. Everybody always kept him up. It was like, 'We have to do it for him.' He played a big role."
Did you interact much with Coach Kelly?
"Yeah, Coach Kelly talked to me a lot. He's a good coach. He talked to me all this spring and after Coach Pruitt left. We've always had a good relationship."
What are your impressions of him as a position coach?
"It's been real good. We pretty much keeping the same scheme and he's going to let us do what we've got to do and with techniques and stuff like that. We're pretty much doing the same thing. It's good."
How are their personalities different?
"They're pretty much the same to me. They're really good coaches, like teachers to the game. They teach the defense, we're starting everything all over and making sure everybody knows everything. I think the difference is he's letting us do our thing a little bit, because we know the defense from last year and know the techniques and stuff. He's going to be a little more lenient than last spring."
Knowing the playbook, what are the questions you have going to spring you want answered?
"Just getting better. All of my technique and stuff like that, just being able to play faster and stronger at the line, making more plays and being able to come down with more plays than last year. Just getting better and getting my team better."
Is this a day you look forward to, getting back to football?
"Definitely, I look forward to this all year. This is the start of the season for us. It's like full-go, so we're about to get back into it. We're about to get better. This is just the road to accomplishing our goals."