Warchant TV: Reed on the performance of the WRs

Warchant TV: Bert Reed on the performance of the WRs in the opener
Opening comments:

It's just my mentality right now when the ball's in the air. Just trying to help my quarterback a lot. Trying to go get it wherever he puts it. That's what we do. We try to go get the ball, that's what our coaches preach to us. Plays don't just come to you. You have to make them.
What do you see out of the younger guys?
I see them growing. You see it right in front of your eyes, growing up. From spring, and throughout camp, you see them just going out there and doing it.
Talk about EJ's performance.
I think we left a lot out there, but I think his performance was solid. He didn't hurt us. A quarterback can either hurt you or help you and he didn't hurt us at all. He was a leader out there. He made plays when it was time to make plays, some big third downs, some scrambling. He put his body on the line sometimes and that's all you can ask for. We try to go out and make as many plays as we can. Our line did a great job in giving him time to make those plays too.
It looked like you were in on that play you nearly made a touchdown.
I could have run a better route. I was disappointed in myself, I could have run a better route. It would have been six for sure.
What's different from the team you were last year?
Well it's only been one game, but we're more of a family now. We're playing for each other and when you're tired, when you're hurting, you look to the guy beside you and you know you're playing for him. I don't think that's something we did before. We were kind of more selfish. I know this team focuses a lot-coming from the senior standpoint-we want to execute. We didn't execute as well as we could have against Oklahoma, there were some open guys. And there were things we did, not things they did to us, we just didn't execute well. We're all about executing this year.
So you think this is a less selfish team than last year?
I really do.
On the slow start.
Especially with coach Fisher sitting here, he can tell you what we did. I just know we could have played better. We came out kind of sluggish. We had been on fire in camp so I thought we would have come out hot, but I think just some first game jitters. A little sluggish, the first couple drives we left some plays out there. I think in the film room we'll see some things we could have done better so we can work on it and keep getting better.
What's different between the game and practice?
You're playing in front of 83,000 people. You go out there and tell yourself it's like practice, but it's not. It's just people are there and it's the first game of the season and you want to do well. You're really anxious to do well and that causes you to not run your routes right, or you just have brain farts, things like that.
What do you guys think of the pressure of the expectations this season?
I really don't think we feel that. If we prepare every week like we're supposed to, then we'll be fine. That being said, we know that if we prepare we're gonna be a good team. We'll prepare the best.
When you see a receiver like Lonnie leave one out there do you give him a hard time?
No I don't give him a hard time cause he's caught plenty of those balls. He's a great fullback and he can catch the ball and I don't think that happens much. I tell him not to catch it with his body like he does sometimes, coming from a receiver that's a thing you don't want to do. You could throw it to him every time-he's caught tons of balls down there. He's really dependable and coach knows that. And he knows he should have caught that with his hands.
Did you notice that what you saw on film wasn't quite what you saw on the field?
Yeah I noticed that. They were doing some things that I didn't know what they were doing and that really doesn't happen a lot. Our coaches inform us so much and the scout repots are so detailed that it doesn't happen much. I think they were just trying some things and coaches did a good job adjusting.
How excited were you to see the young receivers make catches?
It really makes you feel good as an old receiver because coming in as a young guy all you need is the confidence. If you get the confidence to come in and catch balls and run routes, that's all you need, the sky's the limit. Especially Greg [Dent]. He's had some tough times, like dropping that ball right before, but he forgot that play and moved on to the next and made a big play. Cause the game is still in play and you need to remember what you did wrong and just try to forget it and move on. The younger guys put in a lot of work just like we do in practice. And we go out everyday.
You said you had a sluggish start but was it your touchdown and some other catches that really got it rolling?
Yeah I think so. That's a great observation. Those guys got the momentum going and we just settled down a little, started moving the ball and settled down.
Was it special to get the first score of the season, being a senior?
It really was, I didn't kind of realize it until after. I was sitting on the sideline and thought, 'that's the first touchdown of the season.' Especially with me not getting in the endzone all that much in my career, it's always good to get in there. That's what I'm trying to do this yea, just find the paint more. And Rodney [Smith] too. He didn't score on that flag, but as time goes on you realize you don't get many chances and you gotta capitalize on that. Every chance I get I'm trying to score.
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